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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Four More Years!

So last Friday marked the fourth anniversary of Start Kyle Orton. As is my custom, I totally forgot. Not that anyone cares, but Iggins! and I have now managed to keep this thing running at various levels of productivity and competence for an entire presidential term (although Iggins!, has only shown up this year to somehow destroy my two year reign of dominance in the Prognostication Bukakke. That sumbitch got married last weekend, though, so he gets a pass for having a life. I've still got till June before I become one of those rare married bloggers). Most of you who read this site know the basic back story, primarily that the website mostly stemmed from my burning hatred for Brian Griese rather than any actual love for Kyle Orton, but Kyle seems like a decent enough guy and the people who come to me here and on Twitter and ignore my role as a blatant Jay Cutler apologist while bashing me for being some kind of Broncos troll make me laugh, so the name stays. Although the Tebow fans are getting old.

Anywho, I'd like to thank you all for your continued support and I decided this year to list my ten favorite posts on this here website as a celebration of all the fun I've had put this thing together:

10. Bears QB Controversies, Parts One and Two
The best part is they all were meaningless, as all of the participants sucked

9. Worst Ten Bears QBs of My Lifetime, Parts One and Two (sadly before Todd Collins' time)
An old classic. Man, I've seen some awful quarterbacking. And yet people question why I love Jay Cutler.

8. Man I hate Brian Griese
Nuff said.

7. Trent Dilfer, Too
If Trent Dilfer was on fire, I'd not piss on him unless I was drinking kerosene.

6. Go to Hell, Les Carpenter
The ultimate of the "2010 Bears were just lucky" smackdowns.

5. Good bye, Kyle Orton
Bidding adieu to the patron saint.

4. Fun with Fro Dog
I've met Fro. He's not a bad dude in person, but he's sure fun to stick poke.

3. Rick Morrissey, My Mortal Enemy
The never-ending battle with ol' penisnose himself.

2. Defending Jay Cutler
My impassioned defense of our hero following the NFC Title fallout.

And last, but certainly not least, a piece that ages like a fine wine and still earns me at least one hate mail a week from bitter UCLA fans...

1. The Cade McNown Article

Thanks folks. I hope you keep reading.

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