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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Packers 23, Bears 10. Shell Shocked

I was prepared for a lot of things tonight. I could have accepted the Bears defense struggling, or Aaron Rodgers just coming out and refusing to go 0-2. I could have accepted anything but what actually happened.

The song somehow remains the same. How? How does this happen? How does Green Bay right the ship just in time? How does Mike Tice forget the VERY FUCKING REASON he got the job he has and run Matt Forte four fucking times in an entire half? How does the offensive line just collapse like that after all the work that's been put into rectifying the situation?

I know you're never as bad or as good as your best or worst game, but it's hard to really know what to fucking make of this team at this point. That was a goddamn disaster however you want to put it. Silver lining? The defensive line was a menace for the second straight game. The secondary covered well. If you hold Aaron Rodgers to 16 points on offense, you deserve some fucking kudos.

Unfortunately, this offense was just a fucking abortion. The offensive line was battered for 7 sacks. The wide receivers dropped, by my count, at least five passes, including a TD. Mike Tice, again, much like his predecessor, didn't even attempt to run the ball in the first half against a team that surrendered 187 yards rushing last week. All of this is pathetic.

The meatballs will have their day tomorrow, and frankly, they fucking deserve it. This team deserves all of the scorn the fanbase can muster for sniffing its own shit too fast. Lovie Smith deserves it for getting absolutely outclassed. Mike Tice just pissed on all of the good will he'd been extended. It's over. Honeymoon is passed. Now you're going to have to work really damn hard to erase the stain of what you just did there.

We deserve it, too, for all of the empty boasting. Will their be better days ahead? Absolutely. There's no reason to despair over the possibility of missing the playoffs or even to forget the offensive performance from last week. This team is still capable of that, but it ultimately isn't going to mean a damn thing if they can't ever solve the problem of beating Green Bay. Like it or not, they're always going to be in the way. Right now, the Bears are the little brother, and until they grow up, they're fighting for second place.

If you think I'm going to excuse Jay Cutler, well, you're wrong. I thought he was past this, too. Maybe he was as shocked as we were that things hadn't changed. He'd certainly seemed to have  reached a point where he could just work around the protection issues and avoid frustration. Tonight it was a meltdown. Is it understandable after the sacks, and the drops? Of course. Is it forgiveable? No. He's still not an elite QB. They don't do that. The monkey on his back is the comparison to the guy across the sidelines. It ain't fair, but it's the truth. Rodgers was largely neutralized tonight, but the difference between him and Cutler was that he didn't turn the ball over, and his team won the ball game.

Just fucking disappointing. So glad I get to stew over this one for ten fucking days.

Good night.