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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NFL Picks Week 10

Week 10 is here, and with it my hope for a good season is lost. But despite this, the rest of the NFL moves on and so do our picks. Once again, our records are:

Iggins!: 87-55 Overall ( 33-27 NCAA, 54-28 NFL)

Code Red: 91-51 Overall ( 40-20 NCAA, 51-31 NFL)

so I need to gain some ground, which is possible as we differ on 5 games this week. On to the picks...

(4-4) Chicago @ (3-5) San Francisco

Iggins!: Like I could pick the Bears after the last 3 weeks. 49ers win.

Code Red: The rules are what they are. Bears win.

(8-0) New Orleans @ (1-7) St. Louis

Code Red: Holy shit. What’s the NFL record for points in a game? Saints win.

Iggins!: Whatever the line is for this game TAKE IT. Saints win.

(1-7) Tampa Bay @ (3-5) Miami

Iggins!: Wow, Josh Freeman looked good. Interesting. Doesn’t really matter in Miami though (unless they throw Ted Ginn the ball). Miami wins.

Code Red: I like Freeman, but Miami won’t die yet. Dolphins win.

(1-7) Detroit @ (7-1) Minnesota

Code Red: Guh. Vikings.

Iggins!: Vikings.

(4-4) Jacksonville @ (4-4) New York Jets

Iggins!: Pussy-Tubin’ time. Jets win.

Code Red: Argument’s sake. Jacksonville.

(3-5) Buffalo @ (2-6) Tennessee

Code Red: Buffalo has THREE WINS? When did this happen?? Eek. Time to even that out. Titans win, and Iggins! Becomes more and more unbearable.

Iggins!: What’s that? Titties will be 3-0 with VY at QB? SUFFER, RED, SUFFER. Tits win.

(6-2) Cincinnati @ (6-2) Pittsburgh

Iggins!: Damn this is a good game. The Steelers haven’t lost since they lost to the Bengals, and this is pretty much for the AFC North. I’m going with Cincinnati.

Code Red: Argument’s sake. Steelers win.

(6-2) Denver @ (2-6) Washington

Code Red: Washington bloooooows. Maybe they’ll release Haynesworth’s fat ass and let him take Tommie Harris’ place after the season? Or not. Broncos win.

Iggins!: Wow, Washington keeps playing teams who really need to play a shitty team to turn around recent misfortunes. Nice bunch of guys, those Redskins. Broncos win.

(5-3) Atlanta @ (3-5) Carolina

Iggins!: The Panthers aren’t good, no matter what you see in the box scores of their last couple of games. Atlanta wins.

Code Red: I don’t care if they’re any good as long as Deangelo gets his touches. But no, they aren’t good. Atlanta wins.

(1-7) Kansas City @ (2-6) Oakland

Code Red: Woaaaaah ugly. Kansas City wins.

Iggins!: I made the mistake of picking KC way too many times. Oakland wins.

(3-5) Seattle @ (5-3) Arizona

Iggins!: Not wasting words here. Arizona wins.

Code Red: Ditto. Arizona.

(6-2) Dallas @ (4-4) Green Bay

Code Red: At least Green Bay looks awful too? Cowboys win.

Iggins!: Yeah, the Cowboys are somehow pulling it together and they look rather impressive. Plus, Rodgers is gonna get sacked at least 7 times. Cowboys win.

(5-3) Philadelphia @ (5-3) San Diego

Iggins!: The Eagles will struggle here. San Diego wins.

Code Red: Or they won’t. Eagles win.

(6-2) New England @ (8-0) Indianapolis

Code Red: Oooh! A good game! When was the last fucking time That happened? Colts win.

Iggins!: The Bengals vs. Steelers game. Also, when did this game become something that HAS to be played every year? Colts win.

(4-4) Baltimore @ (1-7) Cleveland

Iggins!: Oh wow, this is on Monday Night. Who the fuck scheduled this? Baltimore wins.

Code Red: Wait, what? I got when Cleveland got like 5 prime time games last year because of the 10-6 record in 2007 and the explosive offense. But what the hell, who wanted Cleveland on national tv?? Ravens win.

NCAA Picks, Week 11

After last week I managed to gain some ground on Red by going 4-1 on our differs in the NFL, but because my Hawkeyes lost I still went 1-2 on those games in the NCAA. Here's how we stand:

Iggins!: 87-55 Overall ( 33-27 NCAA, 54-28 NFL)

Code Red: 91-51 Overall ( 40-20 NCAA, 51-31 NFL)

And for this week:

#25 West Virginia @ #5 Cincinnati

Iggins!: So Cincinnati loses their QB, a top rated NFL prospect… and their backup kicks ass too. Life is not fair. Cincinnati wins.

Code Red: And they may have permanently benched that top rated NFL prospect for the back up. Can you imagine a first round pick being a guy that lost his job? Because it’ll happen. Cinci wins.

#7 Georgia Tech @ Duke

Code Red: Really? Georgia Tech.

Iggins!: Had to pick this game, it pretty much determines who wins the ACC coastal, believe it or not. And God I hate Ga Tech, so Duke wins.

#1 Florida @ South Carolina

Iggins!: Wow, how South Carolina has fallen. Pumping gas for Kiffykins and getting shredded by Mallet in the span of two weeks. But those were both road games and, well, Florida doesn’t have much to play for here. I’m callin a miracle, South Carolina wins.

Code Red: Right, other than the #1 rankings in the BCS and a shot at the national title game when there are several other undefeated teams right now. Moron. Florida wins.

Iggins!: Even if Florida loses here and wins out, they’d be in the title game, which would further cause chaos for the BCS, which I cheer for every year.

Idaho @ #6 Boise State

Code Red: Idaho got shellacked by Fresno State, a game I was watching at Buffalo Wild Wings when I went there for a late night dinner Saturday night. This anecdote means nothing. Boise Wins.

Iggins!: Yeah, Boise will go unbeaten again, and still not get a shot at the title. Boise State wins.

Stanford @ #9 USC

Iggins!: So, funny story. USC has lost to Washington and Oregon, yet Oregon, whose only losses are to Boise State and Stanford, and who BEAT USC, are ranked below USC. Sweet. Harbaugh rules, Stanford wins.

Code Red: USC wins, just to piss us all off with an undeserved conference title. WHY DID YOU FUCK UP OREGON??

Iggins!: …USC probably can’t win the conference title. Oregon would have to lose 2 more games in conference, Arizona would have to lose one more, and USC would have to win out.

Code Red: I totally knew that.

#10 Iowa @ #11 Ohio State

Code Red: Wow. My hatred finally reached the point where I was able to knock out Ricky Stanzi, and with Ohio State’s win over Penn State I may very well have cost Iowa the Big Ten Title. MUAHAHAHA. Ohio State wins.

Iggins!: Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say you had nothing to do with it (considering you picked them to lose to Iowa State and Penn State too) and gonna say it’s that fucking Northwestern curse. But holy shit I’m not stupid enough to pick Iowa with a backup QB, third string RB, two injured O-Lineman, and 2 injured punt returners in the Horseshoe. Ohio State wins.

Code Red: But I did do that. It was my hatred that ruined Drew Tate's senior year, Jake Christensen's career, and Ricky Stanzi's ankle. Iowa quarterbacks continue to fall prey to my wrath.

#16 Utah @ #4 TCU

Iggins!: This should be called last chance week. Boise, TCU, and Florida all have their last real challenges and Cinci has one of their two final challenges, plus the Big Ten clincher game is this week. What I’m trying to say is, I hope all these teams go unbeaten so the BCS can fucking suffer. TCU wins.

Code Red: Utah is ranked? Really? Again? TCU wins.

#17 Arizona @ California

Code Red: Cal sucks, and they won’t have Best. Arizona wins.

Iggins!: Yeah that’s really all that needs to be said. Arizona wins.

Texas Tech @ #19 Oklahoma State

Iggins!: I love good games that are completely irrelevant! Oklahoma State wins.

Code Red: Mike Leach loves to fuck shit up. Texas Tech wins.

Notre Dame @ #12 Pittsburgh

Code Red: Wanny vs. Notre Dame. Two hatreds collide. Only one survives, and its Wanny.

Iggins!: Yeah, Wanny wins and gets Weis fired. Hurray! Pittsburgh wins.