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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Progkakke Week 1: Resurrection of the 'kakke

Welcome back for another season of prognostications and snark, dear readers. For those who don't know, since this site's inception we have done weekly NFL/NCAA predictions, and last year's championista was Mrs. Code Red. This year we add Erik and drop the NCAA games. Welcome back!

Baltimore @ Denver
Iggins!: The champs are a bit underrated coming into the season, and Von Miller is gone, sure. But I think the home field advantage and the addition of WELKAH push the Broncos to victory here.

Erik: I’m with Travis here. I think everybody’s more down on the Ravens than they should be, but I just don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with the Broncos offense. And Jacoby Jones isn’t going to be able to sneak past the safety a second time.

Code Red: I’m taking the Ravens because they are better than they were last year. Won’t win the Superbowl, though.

Mrs. Code Red: I think they’re pretty evenly matched and it should be a good game but I’m taking the Broncos mostly because I just want them to win. Call me cliché but I love Pey Pey.

Cincinnati @ Chicago
Erik: In a lot of ways, this game is the microcosm of the season for the Bears. The O-line faces a true test, and if they hold up I’m not worried about anything else the Bengals can do. I think they’ll keep Cutler clean long enough to give the Bears the win.

Code Red: These are two very similar teams, and I get the “new scheme, new coach” questions about the Bears, but I have to think the Bears win this one at home.

Iggins!: As I said on the podcast, I’m betting on the offensive line succeeding and Peanut shutting down A.J. Green. Bears win, 24-10.

Mrs. Code Red: BEARS! 20-10.

Kansas City @ Jacksonville
Iggins!: My playoff prediction for KC would look pretty weak if I took the Jags, yeah? Chiefs win.

Erik: There’s not a whole lot left to say about the Jags at this point. Chiefs.

Code Red: Can anyone take the Jags, ever? Chiefs win.

Mrs. Code Red: I think this will really be Blaine Gabbert’s year! Just kidding. Chiefs, obviously.