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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We apologize for there not being a SKOdcast last week. I will note that I was the only one who actually was available to do it, so once again please direct all your complaints to my compatriots. They are bad people, and should be punished for their perfidy.

Anyway, this is as good a time as any to mention an upcoming change. Starting this week, we'll be recording the podcast using Skype; which means you can expect a considerable increase in sound quality and a way smaller chance every given week of our conflicting schedules resulting in no podcast at all. Unfortunately for the three of you who actually do it, this means your ability to listen live will be going away.

We'll work on finding a way to still post the audio on the site, but for now it will probably just be a link to the iTunes page where you can download them all. My goal would be to continue posting on Thursday nights, so for now you can still expect that warm light in the darkness that is this life.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We Missed You, David

There was a certain kind of resignation in the Chicago sports media in the second half of this year. They couldn't in good conscience say anything bad about the offense, and they even fell on the right side of the "quarterback controversy" ESPN kept trying to stir up. They didn't really know what to do when we were presented with pretty solid evidence that everything we'd asked for from this offense in the last five years was suddenly coming true, but we couldn't enjoy it because our defense just... stopped.

I should commend them, honestly. A lot of stupid things were said about this football team, and my usual targets weren't the problem. Sure, they talked about Josh McCown a lot... but if we're being honest, it was at least a subject worth discussing. There was clearly a right and wrong answer, but I won't pretend there was absolutely no cause to say the guy's name.

But they can't be held down forever. When there's football on and league stuff to talk about, they'll go that way. But now it's the offseason, and they still have columns to write. Remember, this is a crew that will invent controversies where none exist to get themselves to training camp.

With that in mind, David Haugh got an early start by writing a lovely column about how the reason the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl was the Jay Cutler trade in 2009. Not getting Peyton Manning in free agency, not acquiring two of the "Four Horsemen" and a good running back from sources that weren't the Chicago Bears, but getting two pretty good draft picks for Jay Cutler.

This article is such naked anti-Cutler drivel that Hub Arkush and Dan Berenstein called Haugh out for it, and I have it on good authority that those guys have wet dreams about Jay Cutler throwing a game-losing pick six in the Super Bowl.

Behold, David  Haugh:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Episode 33 of the SKOdCast

Just in time for the superbowl here's our most recent podcast, where we discuss Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Star Wars, Superman, Which Tennessee Titans Are Cancerous, Guess That Raider, and More: