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Friday, August 8, 2014

Bears 34, Eagles 28- Fly Bears Fly?

The Bears won their preseason opener tonight 34-28, racking up 491 yards of total offense. 399 of those yards came through the air, as Bears quarterbacks completed 29 of 44 passes (65.9%) for 407 yards, 4 TDs, 2 INTs, and just 2 sacks. Unfortunately for Jordan Palmer, both sacks and the first interception came while he was under center, and that should have some impact on things going forward.

Most importantly for the Bears, besides no starters suffering injuries during the game (although Jared Allen, Kyle Long, Jordan Mills, Tim Jennings, and Martellus Bennett all missed the game for various reasons), was the fact that the starters all seemed to play well. The first string offense looked very effective in brief duty, with Cutler leading a long scoring drive that culminated in a rocket strike to Zach Miller for a touchdown. The first string defensive line made it's presence known early on, with Jay Ratliff pressuring Nick Foles into one interception and Willie Young pressuring him into another. Preseason or no, the Eagles have a very good offensive line and  those kinds of results are encouraging to see.

Most of the game was dominated by the backups, of course, and so we'll discuss the notables below.

A SKOdcast Double Duper in Honor of the Return of BAER FOOBAW

It's SKOdcast day, loyal readers and/or listeners, as well as PRESEASON GAME ONE DAAAAAAAAAAAY. Get ready for six to twelve snaps of not-that-hard-hitting Bears football followed by a scrimmage between 44 people who will hopefully never see this much playtime again.

Thanks in part to the birth of his spawn, Travis is to blame for the delay on posting episode eight as well as his absence from episode nine. HOWEVER, this allows us to present you with a delicious double scoop of pods and/or casts (please tell your server beforehand if you have any allergies) pertaining to training camp and the looming preseason.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. We (or at least I) will be in the SKOsbox for at least the interesting parts of tonight's game, feel free to join us if you want to discuss the incontrovertible evidence we will see that the Bears are going 4-12 or 15-1.

*editor's note: I uploaded the wrong file, so if you had to listen to Travis eat French toast and discuss whether or not my dad had diarrhea, you're welcome.

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Download this episode (right click and save)