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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Season Two, Episode 15: Deshi Basara

There are people in your alley. You don't know why, but there they are. And you can't do what you need to do while they're here.

So you go across the street, find another alley. There are people here as well. The need is burning, your blood is on fire. You can practically feel the heat coming out of the dirty, brown paper bag in your hand.

Down the street there's a construction site. The porta potties are locked, the workers gone to lunch or home for the day. The shakes are beginning.

At the edge of your vision, a black ring appears. The tunnel vision. You only have minutes before you're in full-blown withdrawal.

Down into the subway station. There! A family bathroom, with a locking door. You burst inside, locking the door with shaking hands while you tear the bag open with your teeth. And as the headphones slide into your ears, you feel the sweet relief.

Travis rejoins us for like eight minutes on this one! And soon he'll have human Internet on his farm colony or wherever the fuck he lives. We discuss the Jets game, and also Sunday's matchup with the Packers.

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