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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The "Draft Mendenhall Damnit" Bears draft choice at #14 of the day.

Today, Brian Brohm ofLouisville:

Brian Brohm

The popular belief (and by popular I mean Mel Kiper's belief) is that the Bears will draft the Brohma Bull in the second round, but that's asking a lot considering that would mean the draft would go through 44 picks without a second QB selected, and there are several dangerous (in the draft) teams who might go after this guy before the Bear's second pick; Baltimore/Miami depending on which decides to grab Matt Ryan and the pack of Kansas City/NYJets/St. Louis who might see a tremendous value pick in Brohm by the time the second round rolls on by.

Thusly, the Bears might see fit to draft the guy right up front in the first round, but the possibilities of this are extremely low. The Bears re-signed the Cannon and the Neckbeard for a reason and they aren't looking to spend their top pick on another QB. If Brohm sticks around until the Bears second pick, expect him to be a Bear. If not, expect Andre Woodson in the 4th or 5th round.

Cubs Preview 3/12/08

Roster Spot 19- P-Scott Eyre #47
Ht:6'1'' Wt: 215 (oh come on) Bats: Left Throws: Left

Hefty man

I know what you're thinking, "please don't be so lame as to use the 'Scott Eyre' has ADHD so thats why he had such a different first and second half last season last year, he had trouble paying attention LOL' joke!" Well, I'm not. Personally I blame Scott Eyre's bad first half on being a fat, lazy, mediocre reliever. His blistering hot second half? Well, still fat, but after seeing the fate of Will Ohman and fearing losing his job to the wrath of Lou Piniella, a lot less lazy and more effective. Eyre's stats for 2007:

First Half: 27 games, 30 innings pitched, 0-1, 6.60 era.

Second Half: 28 games, 22.1 inn., 2-0, 0.81 era.

Total: 52 games, 52.1 inn., 2-1, 4.13 era.

Pretty much anyone who watched the Cubs last year saw the disaster that was Scott Eyre when he would waddle from the bullpen to the mound with his gasoline can in his hands, determined to set fire to the whole situation. This was no more evident than on April 18 when he gave up 3 runs in only 2/3 of an inning and the Cubs lost the game against the Atlanta Braves 8-6. Everytime he made his way into the game Cub fans either held their breath or screamed "oh fuck no, its Scott Eyre!"

Then, post all-star break Eyre responded by being nearly untouchable, giving up all of 2 runs in his 28 appearances, finishing the season with a 19 game scoreless appearance streak.

So who will we see in 2008? First half tubby or second half tubby? Well his spring numbers indicate the former, as he's 0-1 with a 9.82 era in four games. But spring numbers are always circumspect, as I doubt Derrek Lee will hit .143 this season, and really they only are taken in to account for guys battling for a roster spot. Scott's spot, unfortunately, is guaranteed so we'll have to wait and see. My guess is we can expect Scott to be neither the fiasco of April-June or the stud of July-October, but more of a consistently mediocre guy with an era hovering in the 3.50-4.50 range all year.