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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prognostication Bukakke, NCAA Week 6

I think Mr. Cox says it all. The current standings:

Iggins!: 55-23
Code Red: 47-31
Mrs. Code Red: 45-33

Onto this week's picks:
California (3-1) at Oregon (3-1)
Code Red: Well, this one's easier than it looks. Oregon wins.

Iggins!: Has Cal ever been relevant? Oregon wins.

Code Red: They were pretty good when they had that one quarterback. Aaron Rodgers. Wonder what ever became of him.

Mrs. Code Red: I'll go with Oregon. My Dad lives there.

Missouri (2-2) at Kansas State (4-1)
Iggins!: Pretty simple here. K-State has been impressive and Mizzou has looked like garbage. Kansas State wins.

Code Red: Indeed, but the slate was pretty unimpressive this week. Kansas State wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Kansas State, because they appear to be better?

Oklahoma (4-0) at Texas (4-0)
Code Red: My horrific record forces me to play it safe. Not that I'd pick an overrated Texas squad anyway. Oklahoma wins.

Iggins!: You noticed me kicking your ass there eh? Surprisingly I'm 4th overall in the BHGP college pick 'em pool this year. When have I ever been good at picking college games? Not since we've known each other. The times they are a-changing. Oklahoma beats a very overrated Texas team.

Mrs. Code Red: Oklahoma. Texas sucks.

Iowa (3-1) at Penn State (4-1)
Iggins!: I'm surprised you added a Hawkeye game! It really isn't my homerism that makes me pick the Hawks; they're simply a much much better team, and Ferentz still has his voodoo magic hold on Paterno. Iowa wins big.

Code Red: Indeed. Iowa is just the better team. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Won't you save me, Paterno? Penn State wins (unlikely).

Mrs. Code Red: Iowa, even if I hate rooting for them.

Miami (2-2) at Virginia Tech (4-1)
Code Red: So tempted to take Miami here, as Virginia Tech hasn't looked impressive at any point. But that's often Virginia Tech's M.O., so the Hokies win.

Iggins!: I agree with your logic, but Miami has looked worse (considering that OSU sucks). VaTech wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Sigh. My gut says Miami but I don't want to fall farther behind. Virginia Tech.

Florida (4-1) at LSU (5-0)
Iggins!: This is going to be a terrible game. LSU wins by 30.

Code Red: No shit. They're destroying this team. LSU wins.

Mrs. Code Red: LSU, I guess.

Air Force (3-1) at Notre Dame (3-2)
Code Red: Damn you, Air Force. You really screwed me last week. Notre Dame wins.

Iggins!: If you would pay attention to the NCAA maybe you WOULDN'T SUCK AT THIS. (I have to soak this in while it lasts), Air Force wins. Seriously.

Code Red: I hate to make the sore losers argument, but if we're looking at a 3 year trend you're still 25 games back. Dammit. Even I want to call myself a bitch for making that comment.

Mrs. Code Red: Air Force. I'm gonna go with Iggins! Because he seems to be on a hot streak.

Texas A&M (2-2) at Texas Tech (4-0)
I miss Mike Leach. Texas A&M wins.

Code Red: Mike Leach is never gone, Iggins!, so long as we truly believe in him. Texas A&M wins.

Mrs. Code Red:
My one upset pick? Texas Tech.

Auburn (4-1) at Arkansas (4-1)
Code Red:
I have no idea what to make of Auburn this year. My gut tells me to roll with Petrino, however. Arkansas wins.

Iggins!: Auburn is certainly an enigma. I'll take the home team to be safe. Arkansas wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Arkansas.

Michigan (5-0) At Northwestern (2-2)
I will guarantee you Northwestern wins this game. I am more sure of this than any other pick I have made this week.

Code Red: Hmm...Michigan it is then.

Mrs. Code Red: Northwestern, I guess. I hate this.

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