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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 14 College Rankings

1. (-) Florida (12-0)- This week they finally settle things with Alabama

2. (-) Texas (12-0)- I'm supposed to believe Nebraska is a threat to Texas? I say nay. Lock in that title game.

3. (-) Alabama (12-0)- See Florida

4. (-) Boise State (12-0)-They wrapped up another perfect regular season and, with Oklahoma State and Pitt both losing again, may have increased their chances of getting an At-Large BCS bid along with TCU.

5. (-) Cincinnati (11-0)- They'd better beat the Wannstache this weekend, or the Big East has no way to deny their absolute suckitude.

6. (-) TCU (12-0)- I still like Boise State more.

7. (+1) Oregon (9-2)- Oregon and Ohio State flip flop after their bye weeks because I realized I made the mistake of ranking Ohio State over Oregon.

8. (-1) Ohio State (10-2)- See above.

9. (+4) Iowa(10-2)- Iowa moves back into the top ten. Oh joy.

10.(-3) Georgia Tech (10-2)- The loss to Georgia was a minor setback on the course to world revolution which the Triple Option has plotted. It shall nevertheless overthrow the bourgeoisie and their "passing games" in the BCS!

11.(-) Penn State (10-2)- They had better not get an at-large bid over Boise or TCU. Given that they've played two good teams and lost to both of them. Holy hollow ten win season Batman!

12.(+3) Virginia Tech (9-3)- They can still salvage a ten win season, and they have a young corps of players that will return next year (including this year's star freshman runningback, Ryan Williams (1538 yds, 19 tds) who will pair with last year's star freshman runningback, Darren Evans, who has been out for the year but rushed for 1,265 yds and 11 tds in 2008, to form the most terrifying runningback duo since Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown took Auburn to an undefeated season in 2004).

13.(+3) Oregon State (8-3)- Oregon State has somehow climbed to #13. Be afraid, people. Be very, very afraid.

14.(+3) LSU (9-3)- God damnit. Why won't they just drop out of the top 20 for good and stop passing off their mediocrity as something slightly better than that.

15.(+3) Miami (9-3)- Miami could win 10 games for the first time since 2003.

16.(-4) Oklahoma State (9-3)- That loss to Oklahoma was unforeseen.

17.(-9) Pittsburgh (9-2)- Ha! Back where you belong, Wanny. After a loss to Cincy and whoever the hell it is they'll get in their mid-tier bowl game, Pitt's once-promising season will collapse in pure Wanny fashion.

18.(+1) Cal (8-3)- I'm still not sure they won't find Some way to fuck this up. Tedford does not win in December, damnit.

19.(+3) BYU (10-2)- So BYU's quarterback can't say he Hates his rival, Utah? Damn Mormons. Let Max Hall hate who he wants to hate. His hatred will make him powerful.

20.(-) USC (8-3)- Nothing to see here.

21.(+4) Houston (10-2)- Meh.

22.(-8) Clemson (8-4)- Damnit Clemson. For a second there I thought you'd finally do something un-Clemsony and beat teams you're supposed to beat. But no, so now a crushing defeat at the hands of the Triple Option is all you have to look forward to.

23.(NR) Nebraska (9-3)- Woah. How'd that happen?

24.(-) Central Michigan (10-2)- Yep.

25.(NR) West Virginia (8-3)- Well, this is unexpected.

A Poll, Because I'm Still Too Disgruntled to Write

After a whole day of reflection and soul-searching, I still haven't come up with anything to say about the Bears-Vikings game (why I care, given that I'm a life-long Saints fan, I don't know). It went about as poorly as I expected, other than the team only giving up four sacks. Cleveland managed that, so, in your face, Jared Allen. There's no other way to describe this team right now other than what it is: a complete and utter fucking disaster.

My illustrious comrade on this blog, Iggins!, seems to think three playoffless seasons brought on by injuries (not Lovie's fault), poor coaching changes and decisions (replacing Rivera with Babich, keeping Ron Turner, running the Cover 2 long after the personnel no longer suited it, all of which Is Lovie's fault), and awful personnel decisions (Angelo's fault indeed, but also Lovie's, as he was the one who insisted Danieal Manning/Adam Archuletta were better options than Chris Harris, he's the one who insisted the team draft Cedric Benson, he's the one who still runs the Cover 2 even though the personnel no longer suits it), Lovie's just a guy with a bunch of bad luck who shouldn't be fired. I maintain my long-held stance that everything Iggins! says is wrong, and that Lovie (and Jerry) should be run out of town. Hub Arkush (I know. It's not much) says the Bears have talked specifically to Bill Cowher and that Cowher "would be very interested" in the Bears job. Shanahan's also an option, as is Jon Gruden (I'd be okay with two of those. I won't tell you which one I don't like, but I'll give a hint: "That guy is a football player. He came to play football!") But that's all speculation for now. Since I don't want to keep grumbling, and honestly, nothing I'd bitch about would be any different than what I've bitched about with increasing frequency all season long, here's a poll: