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Thursday, October 3, 2013

SKOdCast Episode 19 is Now Up!

How many excuses can we make for Jay Cutler? ALL OF THE EXCUSES. Which of us are TRAITOROUS BASTARDS? (Hint: it's not me). What situations need Greg Schiano, besides every situation ever? More dumb trades, Brett Favre's dong, and more!

Episode 19 of the SKOdCast Live at 6:15 PM.

Listen in as we discuss DOOOOM, DOOOM, AND MORE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.....

and probably the Bucs. 


What's in a game?

The Chicago Bears are 3-1. Not a sentence I wanted to write. Not one I expected to write. Still, all things being considered, not one I’m as upset as you would think about writing. But God damn are a lot of people really upset about it.

We’re in that ridiculous part of the early season where ESPN insists upon figuring out whether teams are “for real” or not. Any team that has done well to this point now has to justify their success by winning all games, forever, always, lest they be exposed as pretenders.

And for some reason errbody keys on the Bears in these situations. But really, what about that game other than a poor showing from an allegedly ill Jay Cutler exposed the Bears as anything other than a pretty good team with flaws and a decent shot at making the playoffs, much like almost every good team in the NFL?