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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Prognostication Bukakke, NCAA Week 7

#15 Texas vs. #13 Oklahoma:
Iggins!: Everyone looks competent against WVU’s defense, Texas, but I don’t like Landry Jones one damn bit. Grumble. Flipping coin… Texas wins.

Code Red: Texas' defense is legitimately good. Geno Smith is just at that level. They'll confuse Landry Jones into mistakes. Texas wins. 
Mrs. Code Red: Oklahoma. 
Wisconsin @ Purdue:
Code Red: Oh God. The awfulness. The horrible, no-good, very-bad conference. My eyeballs are bleeding as I look at this. Purdue? God. Am I really picking Purdue over Wisconsin? Purdue. The horror.

Iggins!: Wisconsin struggled against Illinois, so, I mean… Purdue wins?

Mrs. Code Red: Purdue....with a question mark?

Utah @ UCLA:
Iggins!: UCLA got all Jim Mora last week and Utah decided they would put up a pretty good fight against USC. I’ll take the Utes to win, and promptly watch Jim Mora drop 700 points.

Code Red: Utah benefitted from turnovers, mostly. I'm not confident that Utah could put up many points against Illinois. UCLA wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Utah.

#17 Stanford @ #7 Notre Dame:
Code Red: They're good. What are we going to do?! NOTRE DAME IS ACTUALLY GOOD AGAIN. WHO LET THIS HAPPEN? Notre Dame wins.

Iggins!: This needs to stop, but I can’t take Stanford here. God save us all from Touchdown Jesus. Notre Dame wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Notre Dame.

#10(!) Oregon State @ BYU:
Iggins!: Yeah, that’s the number 10 next to the Beavers there. Wow. Picking against them seems like a bad idea, so Oregon State wins.

Code Red: Except word comes in now that Sean Mannion needs shoulder surgery. That blows. BYU still looks like shit, though. Oregon State wins. 
Mrs. Code Red: Oregon State.

#4 Florida @ Vanderbilt:
Code Red: Oh you damned fool. Now you must pay for your stupidity. Florida wins.

Iggins!: I’m a gonna ride this here pony to death. It already died? Oh well. Vanderbilt wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Florida.

#11 USC @ Washington:
Iggins!: USC got that one weird loss out of the way, it seems. On the other hand, Washington does that to USC as well. It would be just humorous enough to see Washington win this, have victories over USC and Stanford, then not matter at all in the Pac-12 title picture. Washington wins.

Code Red: Very odd for you to gamble like this. USC wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Washington.

TCU @ Baylor:
Code Red: Nice job, Casey Pachall, costing your team a big game with your stupid suspension. Even with him back I still like Baylor's improving offense. Baylor wins. 
Iggins!: Paul Rhoads does that to people. Baylor wins.

Mrs. Code Red: TCU.

#3 South Carolina @ #9 LSU:
Iggins!: Can’t tell if South Carolina is that good or Georgia is that bad. Seemed like the perfect storm of good fortune for the other USC. Still, until LSU finds an offense, I’ll take South Carolina to win.

Code Red: Can't trust LSU's offense at all, and I think SC's defense is legitimately that good. South Carolina wins.

Mrs. Code Red: South Carolina.

#22 Texas A&M @ #23 Louisiana Tech

Code Red: Should be one hell of a game. About time LA Tech got some love. Have to trust A&M's defense to be slightly better in this one. TAMU wins.
Iggins!: Tempted very badly to take LaTech at home. Texas A&M hasn’t exactly looked great against inferior competition this season either. FINE. Let us dance the dance of risky picks this week! Louisiana Tech wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Texas A&M.

Prognostication Bukakke, NFL Week 6

Iggins!: 33-17
Mrs. Code Red: 33-17
Code Red: 31-19

Code Red: 48-29
Mrs. Code Red: 46-31
Iggins!: 43-34

Mrs. Code Red: 79-48
Code Red: 79-48
Iggins!: 76-51

Steelers @ Titans
Code Red: Poor Titans, they looked mildly promising on offense before Locker went down. Steelers win.

Iggins!: If the Tits had Locker, I’d take them. Unfortunately, they do not. Steelers win.

Mrs. Code Red: Steelers.

Rams @ Dolphins
Iggins!: The Fins have a surprisingly effective rookie QB and Reggie Bush, which is good, because the Ram pass defense is much better than their run D. The Fin defense has even been stepping it up. I’ll take Miami to win.

Code Red: Yeah, the Dolphins are getting pressure and they should be able to put up more points than Sam Bradford. Dolphins win.

Mrs. Code Red: Dolphins.

Lions @ Eagles
Code Red: This is a tough one. Vick is on his last legs, but I think the Lions defense is bad enough that he'll be okay against them, and Stafford could make some big mistakes against that secondary. Eagles win.

Iggins!: Vick’ll probably finally get knocked out in this one, but Foles won’t be the biggest downgrade ever. If the Eagles would just hand the damn ball off they’d be fine. Just fire Andy Reid, Philly! Get a coach who likes to run the ball! Eagles win because Detroit is damn bad.

Mrs. Code Red: Lions. Vick'll cost them this one.

Bengals @ Browns
Iggins!: The Browns are right on the cusp of being a good team and the Bengals are on the downswing (13 points against Miami last week is troubling). This game is always weird. Browns win.

Code Red: I just can't gamble on Cleveland yet. Bengals win.

Mrs. Code Red: Bengals.

Chiefs @ Buccaneers
Code Red: Woof. Bad teams. The Bucs defense has been good, at least, except against the pass, which the Chiefs are not good at. Bucs win?

Iggins!: Can I make a conditional pick? If Cassel plays, Chiefs lose. Doesn’t play, Chiefs win. No? No conditional picks? Fine. Bucs win, because God hates Kansas City for some reason.

Mrs. Code Red: Buccaneers.

Colts @ Jets
Iggins!: Just start Tebow already, Jets. Colts win.

Code Red: It's really the only thing that'll make you watchable. Even if it won't make you better. Colts win.

Mrs. Code Red: Colts win.

Raiders @ Falcons
Code Red: Yeah, well, okay. Falcons win.

Iggins!: The great thing here is that the Falcons just don’t play anyone of note almost all year. They could go 16-0 and their best win would be against Denver or the Giants. They don’t play Houston, Chicago, New England, Green Bay, San Francisco, Baltimore, etc. It’s incredible. Falcons win.

Mrs. Code Red: Falcons win.

Cowboys @ Ravens:
Iggins!: The battle of inconsistency! Please just run the ball, Ravens. This Joe Flacco shit is killing me. Ravens win.

Code Red: Should be one of those “no, YOU win, we don't want to games”. Ravens win.

Mrs. Code Red: Cowboys.

Patriots @ Seahawks
Code Red: Could definitely see the Patriots falling into the same trap that snared the Packers, but their protection is better and their run defense (aka, the only part you need to be concerned about against the Seahawks) has been pretty decent. Patriots win.

Iggins!: Yeah, this could end up being pretty low-scoring, but Seattle may not be able to put any points at all. Patriots win.

Mrs. Code Red: Patriots.

Bills @ Cardinals
Iggins!: Cardinals at 5-1? Cardinals at 5-1. Cardinals win.

Code Red: Woof. Cardinals at 5-1. Cardinals win.

Mrs. Code Red: Cardinals.

Vikings @ Redskins
Code Red: If RGIII is healthy, I want to take the Redskins here. But he clearly was concussed and I can't imagine the NFL allowing him to start. Vikings win.

Iggins!: Why would you take the ‘skins if RG3 wasn’t hurt? The Vikings have a great defense and Ponder+Harvin+Peterson are moving the ball very effectively. Vikings win.

Mrs Code Red. Vikings.

Giants @ 49ers
Iggins!: The 49ers like to play from ahead… and the Giants keep falling behind in games… 49ers win.

Code Red: Meh. Giants.

Mrs. Code Red: Giants.

Packers @ Texans
Code Red: the Packers offensive line is just allowing teams to destroy Rodgers right now, and it's hard to imagine them suddenly going off against that Texans defense. Texans win, Green Bay in trouble.

Iggins!: hehehehe Packers at 2-4? Is there any greater joy? Texans win, and, by proxy, Bears win.

Mrs Code Red: Texans.

Broncos @ Chargers
Iggins!: Peyton is tired of having to mount comebacks. The Broncos have the capability to destroy every AFC West team they play. I’ll take Denver to win.

Code Red: I imagine the Chargers will go up 14-0 on Ryan Matthews TDs before Matthews cracks an inappropriate joke and Norv benches him for 6 games to think about what he's done. Peyton leads comeback. Broncos win.

Mrs. Code Red: Broncos.