Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Let us all rest now. Are you over what happened yesterday? Good. Now let's take a chill pill and review:

- Fukudome should bat 2 and Soriano should bat 5.

- The Reds have Dusty Baker AND Corey Patterson. Be merry.

- It's one game, and the Cubs are a great team.

- Fukudome is Japanese, so he didn't understand how good Ben Sheets was.

- Speaking of whom, Ben Sheets is a great pitcher and the weather was shit. Both teams struggled for this reason (replace 'Sheets' with 'Zambrano'), not because we lack some kind of plate discipline.

- As I recall, many Cubs walked, and even Pie had a 7+ pitch at bat. The only Cub with swinging problems was Soriano, but we should expect that. It's why we love him, folks.

- Tomorrow the weather will be clear, the opposing pitcher will be Suppan, and the true power of the Cub lineup will shine through. Remember folks, we've only gone through 1/162 of the season. Don't kill yourselves.