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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh, Really?

From Football at "The Heisman Trophy is presented annually to to the nation's outstanding college football player"

From the Heisman website- "At the insistence of the DAC officers he organized and set into motion the structure and voting system to determine the best collegiate football player in the country"

From Wikipedia- "The Heisman Memorial Trophy Award (often known simply as the Heisman Trophy or The Heisman), named after former college football player and coach John Heisman, is awarded annually to the most outstanding collegiate football player in the U.S. Although not the only award honoring the best player in college football, it is considered the most prestigious individual player honor in American college football."

I see no mention of the Team, only the individual. And first off, wanting the best INDIVIDUAL player to win isn't communism, despite what certain morons who write at this blog will tell you. As a matter of fact ,its anathema to communism.

"The noble soul par excellence. The man as man should be. The self-sufficient, self-confident, the end of ends, the reason unto himself, the joy of living personified. Above all-the man who lives for himself, as living for oneself should be understood. And who triumphs completely. A man who IS what he should be."- Was I describing Tim Tebow? Close, thats Ayn Rand's description of Howard Roark, the protagonist of the The Foutainhead, her interpretation of the perfect man. But really, when applied to the world of football, is that NOT Tim Tebow? Dennis Dixon is a sham perpetuated by playing in a conference of weak defenses. Its true Oregon has beaten the best teams in their conference, all of whom rank below LSU and Georgia. And the last time I checked, nobody thats supposedly one of the best teams in the SEC has lost to Stanford. The simple fact of the matter is, Tim Tebow is a living football God. He is power incarnate. He is the Alpha and the Omega. Check out these Tim Tebow supporters for Heisman

Do the right thing, folks. Tebow for Heisman

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