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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Goddamnit. The Iowa football team sucks enough without another goddamned arrest. But here we are, with three anonymous University of Iowa football players under suspicion of sexual assault. I thought, somewhat naively, that Pierre Pierce would end the crime-ridden chapter at the U of Iowa. But clearly not, as 15 arrests have been made during the season, and more might come from this incident. If a Fulmer Cup existed for the season, Iowa would be pwning it right now. My shame is unparalelled. But this picture is funny. Go to edsbs to check out their take on it, and this swank picture:

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By the way, yes I am an Iowa student, and yes there were cops outside Hillcrest. I can't be sure that the entire campus feels the level of shame I do, but it seems like they all expected this. That makes me sick.

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