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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Prognostication Bukakke, NCAA Week 6

#13 USC @ Utah
Iggins!: Utah has been pretty disappointing considering they were supposed to at least contend for their division title. At the beginning of the year I had Utah here, but despite Barkley’s struggles, I have to take USC to win now.

Code Red: Seems like a pretty good game for Barkley to right the ship. USC wins. 
Mrs. Code Red: USC wins.

#24 Northwestern @ Penn State
Code Red: Oh god, let it be NW. Fucking Illinois. I called that, remember? Gah. NW wins.

Iggins!: I’m having a hard time picking this one. Penn State has looked passable the last few games, and Northwestern just isn’t as good as 5-0 would indicate. This game frightens me too much, so I’m taking Northwestern to win.

Mrs. Code Red: Northwestern.

Arizona @ #18 Stanford
Iggins!: Really wanted to take Sark last week. Just as we said, Stanford is never as good as their wins over USC indicate, but they’re much better than Richrod. Can’t believe voters actually ranked Arizona at one point. Stanford wins.

Code Red: No defense in Arizona, and they don't seem to travel well. Stanford wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Picking against Stanford two weeks in a row would probably be folly. Stanford wins.

#4 LSU @ #10 Florida
Code Red: I could very well see Florida winning this game. They've gotten better every game, and LSU has yet to find its offensive stride. But, well, Hat. LSU wins.

Iggins!: Agreed, Hat. LSU wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Not sure. Better roll with the higher ranked team? LSU wins.

#17 Oklahoma @ Texas Tech
Iggins!: Oklahoma: not that great. But hell if I’m taking Tommy Tuberville. Oklahoma wins.

Code Red: Fuck Tech. Oklahoma wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Oklahoma.

#5 Georgia @ #6 South Carolina
Code Red: Can only take the home team here, because these teams are very evenly matched. You can bet I'll be watching this one. South Carolina wins.

Iggins!: South Carolina is much worse than Georgia. Clowney may be the best player on the field, but the best team is definitely Georgia. Georgia wins.

Mrs. Code Red: South Carolina wins.

Miami (FL) @ #9 Notre Dame
Iggins!: UGH. Number 9?! That hurts me deep in my soul. It also hurts me that I have to take Notre Dame to win.

Code Red: We have to accept that we live in a world where Notre Dame is good again. Hopefully it won't last long? ND wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Three in a row! Gotta be bold. Miami wins.

#8 West Virginia @ #11 Texas
Code Red: You know I have to roll with Holgo here. WVU wins. God, that game last week was beautiful. 

Iggins!: Texas is grossly overrated at #11. Hopefully WVU can send them spiraling backwards into cold, hard reality. WVU wins.

Mrs. Code Red: West Virgnia.

#21 Nebraska @ #12 Ohio State
Iggins!: Ranked B1G teams. What a joke. Ohio State is exactly as mediocre as I thought they would be; the only problem is that every other member of the B1G is much worse than I thought. Ohio State’s mediocrity is better than everyone elses sub-mediocrity! OSU could go 12-0, and everyone will still thank the Gods they aren’t bowl-eligible, because 12-0 in the B1G this year is about as good as 12-0 in the Big East. Ohio State wins.

Code Red: I think Nebraska is the better team. That UCLA loss was unfortunate. Nebraska wins.
Mrs. Code Red: Ohio State. 
#23 Washington @ #2 Oregon
Code Red: Well, c'mon. Oregon wins. 
Iggins!: Overrating Washington now because they beat the overrated Stanford team. IT’S AN ENDLESS CYCLE OF OVERRATING. Oregon wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Oregon.

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