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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Prognostication Bukakke, NFL Week 5

Mrs. Code Red: 26-14
Iggins!: 26-14
Code Red: 24-16

Code Red: 38-25
Mrs. Code Red: 38-25
Iggins!: 33-30

Mrs. Code Red: 64-39
Code Red: 62-41
Iggins!: 59-44

Cardinals @ Rams
Code Red: Once again, the Rams proved that in this division of good defenses and often horrible offenses, anything can happen. I'll take the Cardinals, but wouldn't be surprised if they lost.

Iggins!: Really want to take the Rams, but I told myself I wouldn’t pick against Arizona until they lost. Cardinals win?

Mrs. Code Red: Cardinals, I guess.

Dolphins @ Bengals
Iggins!: Tannehill threw for 400 yards last game against a good Cardinal secondary. That kind of madness has to even itself out immediately. Bengals win.

Code Red: I prefer to believe the Cardinals secondary is overrated, rather than Tannehill has any talent. Bengals win.

Mrs. Code Red: Bengals

Browns @ Giants
Code Red: My God, what an awful schedule. Giants win.

Iggins!: Not the world’s best NFL week. Giants win.

Code Red: I was more referring to Cleveland’s brutal slate. There is nowhere in there for them to catch a breath between all the constant rapings.

Mrs. Code Red: Giants.

Packers @ Colts
Iggins!: The Packers have looked so mediocre on both sides of the ball this year. They’ll beat the Colts here, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bears run away with the division. Packers win.

Code Red: Oh good, you’re back to being super overly cocky. Have you looked at the Packers schedule? There’s a lot of easy wins on there. It’ll come down to the wire. Bears still have to Beat them first. Packers win.

Mrs. Code Red: I'd love to pick the Colts, but c'mon. Packers win.

Eagles @ Steelers
Code Red: Hmm. Steelers defense has looked less than great lately. Still don't like the Eagles, though. Hard to see the Steelers falling to 1-3 at home. Steelers win.

Iggins!: Yeah, I just can’t pick the Eagles. Even when they’re mistake-free they look mediocre. Steelers win (which probably means the Eagles go to 4-1 and my head explodes).

Mrs. Code Red: Eagles win.

Falcons @ Redskins
Iggins!: RG3 is great, but without a defense to stop the Matty Ice train the Redskins have no shot. Falcons win.

Code Red: It’s funny, I used to get mad at Cam Newton-RGIII comparisons because they’re pretty different QBs, but, in a way, their situations are identical. Falcons win, RGIII plays valiantly in defeat.

Mrs. Code Red: Falcons.

Ravens @ Chiefs
Code Red: Safe to say the Chiefs are just bad. Ravens win.

Iggins!: So bad. Ravens win.

Mrs. Code Red: Ravens.

Bears @ Jaguars
Code Red: MURDER. KILL. DESTROY. Bears win, 30-10.

Iggins!: Bears take care of business. Bears win, 27-6

Mrs. Code Red: Bears win, 30-10. Garbage time TD.

Seahawks @ Panthers
Iggins!: The Panthers put on a nice show against Atlanta, and Seattle looked bad against St. Louis. This game’ll end up a shootout, I have Cam coming out on top. Panthers win.

Code Red: I’m sorry, but what about the Seahawks has given you any indication that they can put up more than 17 points against West Texas A&M. Panthers win, no shootout.

Mrs. Code Red: Panthers.
Titans @ Vikings
Code Red: If Jake Locker was healthy I might consider the Titans, but not with Hasselbeck. Vikings win.

Iggins!: The Vikings keep grindin’ like Clipse. Vikings go to 4-1, chaos reigns.

Mrs. Code Red: Damn. I don't want to pick the Vikings, but Vikings win.

Bills @ 49ers
Iggins!: The Bills got that “Hey, we’re kind of good!” thing out of their systems early this year. 49ers win.

Code Red: I don’t see how a team recovers from….that. Chan Gailey should be fired yesterday. 49ers win.

Mrs. Code Red: 49ers, after that horrendous showing.

Broncos @ Patriots
Code Red: Should be an entertaining shootout, but you have to take the Patriots at home.

Iggins!: This’ll be a great game. The Broncos have really had a difficult schedule to start the season. I’ll take the Patriots to win, but I’m pulling for Denver.

Mrs. Code Red: Patriots.

Chargers @ Saints
Iggins!: Night game, Superdome, 0-4 Saints? I’ll take the Saints to get their first win.

Code Red: As will I. Saints win.

Mrs. Code Red: Chargers win.

Texans @ Jets
Code Red: Ha ha. Ha ha. No. Texans win.

Iggins!: This is the Monday Nighter? Ouch. Texans win.

Mrs. Code Red: Texans.


Erik said...

Rico Mirerez with hurt receivers against the Texans on Monday night? I'll just cue up the Tebow chants now, shall I?

Anansi said...

I'm gonna pick the Rams and Redskins for an upset. If Steven Jackson has a good game, then this could be a defensive struggle, and you better believe Long/Quinn will force a turnover. The Falcons won because of Ron Rivera. They won't be so lucky against the Shanahans.

Erik said...

The Falcons offense is going to make mincemeat out of a beat-up Redskins defense that is missing multiple key players. If it comes to a shootout, it comes to a shootout, but I'll take Matt Ryan throwing to Jones and White with Michael Turner pounding it forward over RGIII and the sound of crickets.

Anansi said...

(Checks Redskins depth chart): Oh come on, the Redskins aren't that pitifuck.

Iggins! said...

Yeah the Redskin's defense is mangled garbage. Poor RG3 can't escape the Cam analogies. Even his team is an almost identical reflection of Carolina. Multiple RBs, terrible defense, massive contracts for undeserving players locking the team into mediocrity.

Erik, get off Turner's dick. He is old and bad. He is being passed up by Jacquizz Rogers. THAT BAD.

Erik said...

He's not as old and bad as you seem to think. To be fair, he is probably older and worse than I think. And either way, compared to the Redskins "start a new, worse running back every 9 or so games" rushing attack, he's a monster.