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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That's Two, Mother F*%kers.

Artist Rendition of Code Red Lording it Over Iggins!

Now that the college regular season has ended, so has the 2010 Prognostication Bukakke Season. I'm still mulling over whether we'll forecast the bowl games and the rest of the NFL season for funsies. Probably. The important thing, however, is that while my lead was never in doubt, during the week I posted a 6-4 NCAA and 13-3 NFL mark over Iggins!' 5-5 and 10-6 marks, increasing my lead to a whopping 25 games. The final standings:

Code Red, Two-Time Champion and God Among Men: 148-73 (.670%) (85-46 NFL, 63-27 NCAA)

Iggins!, The Sum of All Thing Bitch: 123-98 (.560%) (76-49 NFL, 47-43 NCAA)

Hell, for good measure, let's look at the standings for last week alone:

Code Red: 19-7 (13-3 NFL, 6-4 NCAA)
Mrs. Code Red: 16-10 (11-5 NFL, 5-5 NCAA)
Iggins!: 15-11 (10-6 NFL, 5-5 NCAA)

While far removed from the playgrounds of my childhood, I cannot resist this eternal taunt:
Dude, you got beat by a GIRL.

Add this to last year's championship, won by the respectable margin of 9 games, and Iggins hasn't come within 34 games of my absolute dominance. Stick to basketball, chump.

Bow to your sensei.

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