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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bears 27, Cowboys 20- A Win Even Morrissey Can Feel Good About. Maybe.

Will all of you masochists try and enjoy this one? This was fantastic. Next Monday is going to be huge. I cannot wait. Cutler and Rodgers play Who's is Bigger at Soldier Field. Football, motherfuckers.

On to the Good/Bad:


Mike Martz: (does best Jon Gruden voice) THIS GUY! I CALL HIM THE SCHEME-RAPER. BECAUSE HE RAPES DEFENSIVE SCHEMES. In all honesty I can't ever remember the Bears having an offensive coordinator who can totally change his protections and his plan of attack after losing the left tackle on the first series. I know Cutler took way too many hits and had to run for his life, but Martz deserves credit for throwing enough protection around to get Cutler enough time to throw deep and turn the whole game around. The 59 yard pass to Knox may have changed the entire Bear organization. It was the first time in my life that they've had the QB, the Coach, and the WR necessary to say "Fuck it, if they're going to blitz we're just going to throw deep and hit them before they hit us." It was glorious. The run game is still backed up, but Martz's brilliance in the passing game is a thing to behold. He knows how to use screens effectively. He doesn't surrender any hope of going deep because the offensive line is struggling. He knows all you have to do is break one or two of those big throws to get that defense to back off, and that's exactly what the Cowboys did in response. Shirtless hugs for you, Mike. I'm sorry that this asshole said all those mean things about you, but damn am I glad that I also know this guy.

Jay Cutler: I'm just going to let his numbers this season speak for themselves right now: 44/64 (68.8%), 649 yds, 5 TDS, 1 INT, 10.1 YPA, 324.5 YPG, 121.2 Rating.

Devin Hester: I hope David Haugh is happy now, because Cutler and Hester went ahead and chemistry'd their way to 4 catches, 77 yards, and a TD that was pure awesome on both ends. Say what you will about Hester's sometimes sketchy route-running, the kid has great hands.

Johnny Knox: Aromoshadu drew everybody's attention this week and Knox and Hester responded well. Knox had 4 receptions for 86 yards, the big one being the 59 yard dagger that turned the game around.

Greg Olsen: Fine. I don't hate you this week.

Matt Forte: Well, he can catch.

The Urlacher-Briggs-Tinoisamoa Trio of Death:
They've now allowed 56 yards rushing this year. From sideline to sideline, no runningback is safe.

DJ Moore: Holy shit, the Bears have a nickelback? 2 picks, 1 forced fumble, and one sweaty man hug for DJ.

The Bad:

The offensive line: The Cowboys really do have a great front seven. Therefore I don't really blame the line, and they responded well after losing Chris Williams, but they're still average at best. Martz is doing a great job of covering for them, but they could make it alot easier by opening some god damn holes in the run game.

Any defensive back not named DJ Moore: Miles Austin had 142 yards. Jason Witten had 51. Roy Williams somehow remembered he was a wide receiver and had 53 yards. Now, alot of those yards came after the Bears had gone up by 10 and went to straight Cover 2, but it'd be nice to see them not allow another game like Austin had to anyone else.

Troy Aikman: Holy shit, man. You make my ears bleed. I'm never listening to another game against the Cowboys with Aikman on the call. I'd rather mute the thing and listen to Jeff Joniak inexplicably keep his job as a radio broadcaster despite refusing to mention things like down, distance, score, or time.

Well, that's it for this week. This is looking like a pretty good football team. Minnesota's on the decline, but Green Bay is who we thought they were, I'm afraid. The Bears are just going to have to make a statement next week.

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