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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nobody Takes the 3rd Preseason Game Like It's Bullshit. Bullshit!

Yes, I'm sure every other blog in America is using that line for this upcoming preseason game, but my team is the one that both inspired the line and is playing a rematch with the team whose former coach uttered those famous words, so I can use it.

Anyway, we all know that people say the third preseason game is the only one that "matters,"but that's bullshit because none of them matter (sorry, Denny). However, this is the first game that they've practiced for like a regular season game and the starters should play into the third quarter. THINGS TO LOOK FOR:

-If you haven't already guessed that "Can the offensive line keep Cutler alive?" is going to be my first bullet, you should probably stop breathing and spare the rest of the human race your continued existence. I'd like to see less than 4 sacks total in this game (I have very, very low standards at this point.)

-Can Greg Olsen not piss me off for one game? C'mon, Greg. Don't drop any easy passes. Spring a block. Perhaps even outmuscle a cornerback. Any one of those and I'll stop sticking pins in my #82 voodoo doll for a week.

-Will Danieal Manning do anything to keep himself from losing the safety job? The most encouraging news I've heard all week is that, barring disaster, Wright will take over at safety and Manning will move to nickel once Wright is healthy. This is good because Wright has looked great and Manning has always performed best at the nickel.

-Can the defensive line get even more pressure against a couple of immobilie quarterbacks? Neither Matt Leinart or Derek Anderson (who's getting the start Saturday night because Ken Whisenhunt would like to see some long incompletions rather than short ones) has the mobility of Jason Campbell, who barely escaped and extended a few drives last week. If the d-line keeps up the same amount of pressure they should get a few sacks of these guys, which would be encouraging to see.

That's really all I'm looking for in this game, although I'd love to see the team humiliate Matt Leinart, because f*&k that guy, that's why.

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