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Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Good God.

All of you, especially Rick Telander (what is it with Ricks?), need to shut the hell up about the preseason. Perhaps last season's 3-1 record preceding a 7-9 shitfest wasn't enough of an indicator to you that the preseason just doesn't matter? What about when they went 1-3 in 2006? Or 0-4 in 1985? No, I'm not saying that their shitty performance this preseason is indicative of future success. That's also retarded. Correlation =/= causation. Howevah, it's time to take a deep breath and wait until they drop a game that matters to the Detroit Lions in week one before popping in some Fiona Apple and sinking into a bathtub full of your own blood. Good lord.

The offensive line looked less than stellar and their performance in both pass and run blocking wasn't inspiring. Jay Cutler just made two bad throws. He also made some good ones. His completion % has been pretty low, but Martz has really only had him attempt long passes, because why wouldn't you just go for broke when you're trying shit out?

The linemen also haven't even attempted any kind of double teams or slide protections or anything of that nature, as they've simply been trying "power" football, something they probably won't utilize as much during the regular season with their zone schemes.

All of the injuries to the linebacking corps are minor and the Briggs-Urlacher-Tinoisamoa triumvirate is supposed to start week one. Major Wright should also be back, which will move Manning to nickel and strengthen the pass defense as a whole.

The defensive line has gotten some consistent pressure, even if the sack totals haven't started climbing. I'm confident that they will, even if it's the only prediction I feel bold enough to make about this team.

I don't know what to make of the 2010 Bears. I really don't. I've seen just as many reasons for optimism as I have for doom and gloom. Johnny Knox is going to break ankles and destroy worlds. The problem is that these games aren't going to give you any indication either.

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