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Saturday, November 21, 2009

NFL Picks Week 11

And now for the NFL picks, otherwise known as me selling my soul for wins by picking against the Bears for the second straight week. I'm 3 games back of Red, here are the picks for this week:

(3-6) Washington @ (6-3) Dallas

Code Red: Well that’s easy. Cowboys.

Iggins!: Yeah I’m gonna attribute the Redskin’s win last week to the hilariously inevitable meltdown of the Broncos. Cowboys win.

(1-8) Cleveland @ (1-8) Detroit


Code Red: Holy shit. I realize it’s blacked out, but could the almighty football gods just intervene right now and prevent this game form being played at all? Guuuh. Lions win?

(4-5) San Francisco @ (5-4) Green Bay

Code Red: San Francisco. No reason, I just want to believe Green Bay sucks as bad as the Bears do.

Iggins!: So do I, but we both know that just isn’t true. Green Bay wins.

(6-3) Pittsburgh @ (2-7) Kansas City

Iggins!: I will not pick you, KC. Pittsburgh wins.

Code Red: No shit? Against Pittsburgh? Nice call, Sherlock. Steelers.

(5-4) Atlanta @ (5-4) NY Giants

Code Red: One team has been inconsistent from week to week, one team’s been inconsistent from month to month (5-0 start followed by 0-4). I guess the Giants, because they’re at home and due for a win.

Iggins!: Until the Giants beat a good team I can’t pick them against one. Atlanta wins.

(9-0) New Orleans @ (1-8) Tampa Bay

Iggins!: Freeman has looked really good, but in a week filled with games pitting teams who have yet to prove if they’re good or bad against eachother, this one is pretty cut and dry. New Orleans wins.

Code Red: He has looked good, but they need a lot more than a promising young quarterback in Tampa. Saints win.

(3-6) Buffalo @ (5-4) Jacksonville

Code Red: Buffalo sucks, and they aren’t going to get a “spark” from firing Jauron. Jags win.

Iggins!: Interesting The Jaguars will be 6-4. Something is wrong with the world. Jaguars win.

(9-0) Indianapolis @ (5-4) Baltimore

Iggins!: Baltimore is better than 5-4 but they’re still much worse than the Colts. Indy wins.

Code Red: My sentiments exactly. Colts win, and honestly, the only thing I want to see now (unless the Bears pull some miracle out of their ass and vault back into contention), is a Saints-Colts, Breesus vs. Manning Superbowl. That would be some damn good tv.

(3-6) Seattle @ (8-1) Minnesota

Code Red: God damnit. Minnesota.

Iggins!: Minnesota wins.

(6-3) Arizona @ (1-8) St. Louis

Iggins!: St. Louis almost wins a lot of games, unfortunately for them that doesn’t count for shit. Arizona wins.

Code Red: Kurt Warner seems to step up his game against his old team. Oh wait. Everyone does. ‘Cuz the Rams suck. Cardinals

(4-5) New York Jets @ (6-3) New England

Code Red: The Pats will be out for blood to avenge both their early season loss to the Jets and last week’s embarrassment in Indy. Pats win.

Iggins!: Yeah, I don’t think crying before the Pats game will help the Jets turn it around. Pats win.

(7-2) Cincinnati @ (2-7) Oakland

Iggins!: Cincinnati wins.

Code Red: Hoo boy. At least they finally benched JaMarcus? Bengals win.

(6-3) San Diego @ (6-3) Denver

Code Red: Orton isn’t likely to start (and Chris Simms Bloooooows), and teams are starting to exploit their weaknesses. Chargers win.

Iggins!: The Broncos have entered a tail spin and are nearing the ground. The clincher is they’ll give up the division lead to the Bolts for good here. Chargers win.

(5-4) Philadelphia @ (4-5) Chicago

Iggins!: I refuse to pick the Bears. Picking them is what we call “madness”. Go Bulls and Blackhawks. Eagles win.

Code Red: I live by a strict moral code. It’s going to continue costing me games in the standings, but I do not pick against the Bears. Bears win.

(3-6) Tennessee @ (5-4) Houston


Iggins!: Tennessee wins. What, did you think I’d pick against him?

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