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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Death Spiral Continues

I don't know what you're expecting if you've come here to read a recap of last night's game. What else is there to say? Cutler fucking sucked. When he throws the god damn interceptions I can usually (and rightfully) point out most of the time how it was his receiver's fault or the line's fault or even a bad call, but last night was inexcusable. Four times he had receivers wide open for what would have been the game winning touchdown. Four times he failed to set his feet and make the throw. It was disgusting. It's disgusting to see him playing timid and afraid. It's disgusting to see him fall away from every throw and lose his accuracy (I realize it's because he's been hit so god damn many times this year that he's got happy feet, but that's still on him). It's disgusting that for two weeks in a row he's wasted good efforts by everybody else (well, except the offensive line). It's disgusting that this whole franchise is just royally fucked.

Am I giving up on Jay Cutler? Absolutely not. Last night was just a bad game. Any quarterback is going to have those nights, but in his case it's absolutely magnified by the struggles he's been having lately, whether most of those picks were his fault or not (and they still weren't). There's no saving grace to this team right now. The coaches, the offense, the defense, they all suck. There's not one thing I can point to right now and say "if they just tweak this, they'll be okay." The worst part is that nothing's going to change. Ted Phillips and the McCaskey's aren't going to just decide money grows on trees and thus they can dump Angelo and Lovie. I'm really still too god damn pissed to keep doing this, so I'm going to quote this absolutely spot-on article by Mark Potash of the Sun Times entitled " 6 Reasons for the Bears' Fall"-

"Perhaps the biggest problem the Bears have is that they're a family-oriented organization that thinks everybody is doing a heckuva job. Lovie Smith raising his voice to his team at halftime is considered "accountability."

From top to bottom, the Bears hierarchy is the Peter Principle run amok. Team president Ted Phillips is a director of finance/contract negotiator. Jerry Angelo was a director of player personnel. Lovie Smith was a defensive coordinator. They' were all new to their present job when they were hired. It was easy when the Bears reached the playoffs in 2005 and the Super Bowl in 2006. But with a likely third consecutive payoff-less season, somebody needs to see that the arrow is pointing straight down. But who? It takes a complete disaster for Lovie Smith to acknowledge an underpeforming player -- he still thinks the Bears are a running team. How long will it take Jerry Angelo to acknowledge an underperforming coach? Or Ted Phillips to acknowledge an underperforming general manager. And if you think the McCaskey's are going to be able to quickly acknowledge an underperforming team president, you have more faith in the Bears than I do. "

You should read the rest of the article, too. In case you still aren't sure just how fucked this whole mess is.


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