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Friday, November 20, 2009

NCAA Picks, Week 12

Last week Red and I tied at 7-3 in our NCAA picks and I inched ever closer to the overall lead by going 10-5 in the NFL while he went 9-6. This means I am gaining on him because of the Bear's failure. WHY GOD?!

Iggins!: 104-63 Overall (64-33 NFL, 40-30 NCAA)

Code Red: 107-60 Overall (60-37 NFL, 47-23 NCAA)

On to this week's NCAA picks:

#10 Ohio State @ Michigan

Iggins!: If Ohio State loses here it would pretty much prove how mediocre the Big 10 is before bowl season comes around. But I can’t pick against OSU here, OSU wins.

Code Red: Michigan sucks, and they will miss bowl season two years in a row, causing me endless joy. Ohio State wins.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech

Code Red: For a long time I said Oklahoma wasn’t really that bad, but there’s just no denying after the loss to Nebraska that losing Bradford (twice) has sucked the wind outta their sails, and Mike Leach shall prey on their gloom. Texas Tech wins.

Iggins!: Yeah it’s hard to take Oklahoma after that crap fest. Texas Tech wins.

#8 LSU @ Ole Miss

Iggins!: So honestly, after Florida and Bama, the SEC is a pile of mediocrity. The Pac 10 is the best conference top to bottom by far. I guess we’ll see in the bowl season, when Iowa plays LSU and Penn State plays GEORGIA OR OLE MISS (yes one of those teams is the 4th best team in the SEC). LSU wins.

Code Red: What the hell, I’ll go with Ole Miss, because LSU doesn’t strike me as all that good, and Ole Miss has to win at least one “big” game after the way they’ve been raped in all of their previous ones. Ole Miss wins.

#14 Penn State @ Michigan State

Code Red: Might Penn State actually beat a not-completely shitty team on the road? Yes. Penn State wins.

Iggins!: I flip a coin…and… Penn State wins.

#25 California @ #17 Stanford

Iggins!: So here’s what’s going to happen in the Pac-10. Stanford will win this game, Oregon will beat Arizona, and Oregon State will beat Oregon in Corvallis the final game of the season to win (!) the Pac-10. So enjoy the battle of the OSUs in the Rose Bowl. Stanford wins.

Code Red: Dude, where are you getting these rankings? Are you using the BCS? Cool kids use the AP, son. Or the SKORankings. My point? Cal sucks, they do not deserve to be ranked. Stanford wins.

Iggins!: Well hate them as I might I use the BCS because they determine everything.

Kansas @ #3 Texas

Code Red: Mark Mangino, the almighty fat one, is in danger of losing his job due to alleged physical and verbal harassment of players, just two years after going 12-1 and winning the Orange Bowl. Chances are he was physically and verbally harassing players then, too, but now that he’s lost 5 straight and is in danger of missing bowl season, its suddenly unacceptable. Texas Wins.

Iggins!: When did verbally abusing players become unacceptable? Texas wins.

#11 Oregon @ Arizona

Iggins!: I already said who’s win here. Seriously though the 5th best team in the Pac 10 is USC. Fuckin USC. Oregon, OSU, Zona, Stanford are all better and that’s not a knock on USC. This conference is dominant and bowl season will probably prove that. Oregon wins.

Code Red: Oregon wins, and beats Oregon State next week to clinch the Pac 10. Also, USC, which got its ass handed to it by Oregon and Stanford, beat Oregon State 42-36 in a game that wasn’t as close as the score indicated. Oregon State will Not win the Pac 10, give it up. Your mother went there and raised you with an irrational love of the Beavers. We get it, now knock it off. Oregon Wins.

Iggins!: Yeah, and Oregon got raped by a Stanford team that Oregon State beat AT Stanford, so what’s your point, Mr. This-team-beat-this-team?

Kansas State @ Nebraska

Code Red: ……Kansas State? Seriously, I have no fucking clue which one of these teams is better. They both suck.

Iggins!: In case the folks at home are wondering, this game is for the Big 12 North title (basically). Nebraska because they’re at home. The Big 12 title game is going to be hilarious. Nebraska wins.

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