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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NFL Picks Week 10

Week 10 is here, and with it my hope for a good season is lost. But despite this, the rest of the NFL moves on and so do our picks. Once again, our records are:

Iggins!: 87-55 Overall ( 33-27 NCAA, 54-28 NFL)

Code Red: 91-51 Overall ( 40-20 NCAA, 51-31 NFL)

so I need to gain some ground, which is possible as we differ on 5 games this week. On to the picks...

(4-4) Chicago @ (3-5) San Francisco

Iggins!: Like I could pick the Bears after the last 3 weeks. 49ers win.

Code Red: The rules are what they are. Bears win.

(8-0) New Orleans @ (1-7) St. Louis

Code Red: Holy shit. What’s the NFL record for points in a game? Saints win.

Iggins!: Whatever the line is for this game TAKE IT. Saints win.

(1-7) Tampa Bay @ (3-5) Miami

Iggins!: Wow, Josh Freeman looked good. Interesting. Doesn’t really matter in Miami though (unless they throw Ted Ginn the ball). Miami wins.

Code Red: I like Freeman, but Miami won’t die yet. Dolphins win.

(1-7) Detroit @ (7-1) Minnesota

Code Red: Guh. Vikings.

Iggins!: Vikings.

(4-4) Jacksonville @ (4-4) New York Jets

Iggins!: Pussy-Tubin’ time. Jets win.

Code Red: Argument’s sake. Jacksonville.

(3-5) Buffalo @ (2-6) Tennessee

Code Red: Buffalo has THREE WINS? When did this happen?? Eek. Time to even that out. Titans win, and Iggins! Becomes more and more unbearable.

Iggins!: What’s that? Titties will be 3-0 with VY at QB? SUFFER, RED, SUFFER. Tits win.

(6-2) Cincinnati @ (6-2) Pittsburgh

Iggins!: Damn this is a good game. The Steelers haven’t lost since they lost to the Bengals, and this is pretty much for the AFC North. I’m going with Cincinnati.

Code Red: Argument’s sake. Steelers win.

(6-2) Denver @ (2-6) Washington

Code Red: Washington bloooooows. Maybe they’ll release Haynesworth’s fat ass and let him take Tommie Harris’ place after the season? Or not. Broncos win.

Iggins!: Wow, Washington keeps playing teams who really need to play a shitty team to turn around recent misfortunes. Nice bunch of guys, those Redskins. Broncos win.

(5-3) Atlanta @ (3-5) Carolina

Iggins!: The Panthers aren’t good, no matter what you see in the box scores of their last couple of games. Atlanta wins.

Code Red: I don’t care if they’re any good as long as Deangelo gets his touches. But no, they aren’t good. Atlanta wins.

(1-7) Kansas City @ (2-6) Oakland

Code Red: Woaaaaah ugly. Kansas City wins.

Iggins!: I made the mistake of picking KC way too many times. Oakland wins.

(3-5) Seattle @ (5-3) Arizona

Iggins!: Not wasting words here. Arizona wins.

Code Red: Ditto. Arizona.

(6-2) Dallas @ (4-4) Green Bay

Code Red: At least Green Bay looks awful too? Cowboys win.

Iggins!: Yeah, the Cowboys are somehow pulling it together and they look rather impressive. Plus, Rodgers is gonna get sacked at least 7 times. Cowboys win.

(5-3) Philadelphia @ (5-3) San Diego

Iggins!: The Eagles will struggle here. San Diego wins.

Code Red: Or they won’t. Eagles win.

(6-2) New England @ (8-0) Indianapolis

Code Red: Oooh! A good game! When was the last fucking time That happened? Colts win.

Iggins!: The Bengals vs. Steelers game. Also, when did this game become something that HAS to be played every year? Colts win.

(4-4) Baltimore @ (1-7) Cleveland

Iggins!: Oh wow, this is on Monday Night. Who the fuck scheduled this? Baltimore wins.

Code Red: Wait, what? I got when Cleveland got like 5 prime time games last year because of the 10-6 record in 2007 and the explosive offense. But what the hell, who wanted Cleveland on national tv?? Ravens win.

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