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Thursday, November 12, 2009

College Football Week 11 Rankings

I don't have much time, so here's the rankings without much commentary-

1. Florida (9-0)- They beat Vandy. That means nothing, but they're still good.

2. Texas (9-0)- There ain't a tough game left on their schedule.

3. Alabama (9-0)- I still don't like their offense.

4. Boise State (9-0)- I still like them more than TCU.

5. Cincinnati (9-0)- They're going with Tony Pike at quarterback, which means their other absolutely amazing quarterback is waiting in the wings. Lucky bastards. Cinci in the top 5? We're through the looking glass, folks.

6. TCU (9-0)- I'm just gonna take a moment to reflect on my 4-6 being Boise State, Cincinnati, and TCU. Jesus.


8. Iowa (9-1)- They got royally fucked, but that's what happens when you get that consistently lucky for 9 games. The 10th one just happens to bite you in the ass every now and then. They're screwed for Ohio State as well. Looking like a flashback to 2005, with Iowa and LSU meeting in the Capital One Bowl.

9. Pittsburgh (8-1)- Wanny's in the top ten. SOMEONE STOP THIS. END THIS NOW.

10. Ohio State (8-2)- Fuck. In my haste to destroy Iowa by injuring Stanzi with my mind, I did not factor in the fact that I was handing the Big Ten title to Ohio State. Accept my apologies, Hawkeye fans.

11. Oregon (7-2)- God damnit. They're still winning the Pac 10. Also, have you looked at the AP poll? USC is in this spot, with Oregon at #14, just one week after Oregon beat USC by TWENTY SEVEN POINTS. Fuck the AP.

12. LSU (7-2)- I do not, in any way, consider them a great team, but shit. It's a wasteland out there.

13. Miami (7-2)- I still like Jacory Harris?

14. Houston (8-1)- I guess.

15. USC (7-2)- This seems appropriate. Really, AP? Really?

16. Penn State (8-2)- This is what getting manhandled by the only two good teams you've played all year will get you.

17. Oklahoma State (7-2)- Like I said last week, 10-3 looks likely.

18. Utah (8-1)- Again, what the hell? Utah is 8-1? Name one Utah player. You can't do it.

19. Arizona (6-2)- They're a half game back of Oregon for first in the Pac 10, with a head to head coming on November 21st.

20. Virginia Tech (6-3)- I still think they're better than this.

21. Wisconsin (7-2)- It's all refuse at this point, and who represents mediocrity better than Wisconsin?

22. Stanford (6-3)- Harbaugh's amazing feat of making Stanford bowl eligible deserves at least a temporary ranking. Plus they're winning with a white running back. Who does that?

23. Temple (7-2)- No seriously, Temple has 7 wins. That's awesome.

24. Texas Tech (6-3)- There's a clause in my contract stipulating that I rank Texas Tech whenever possible.

25. Central Michigan (8-2)- I like Dan LeFevour.

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