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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week 13 NCAA Rankings.

1. (-) Florida (11-0)- After what should be a final, satisfying pasting of Bobby Bowden this weekend they'll take on 'Bama in the SEC title game.

2. (-) Texas (11-0)- Did you know Colt McCoy has a losing record against Texas A&M? Yeah...that won't last.

3. (-) Alabama (11-0)- Like Florida, they're on autopilot till next week.

4. (-) Boise State (11-0)- I Still like them better than TCU.

5. (-) Cincinnati (10-0)- They get to rape my Illini on Friday, setting them up for the Big East-deciding showdown against Pitt the week after.

6. (-) TCU (11-0)- I'm wondering if they'll follow Utah's path and beat a disappointed, second-place SEC team in the Sugar Bowl. I doubt it.

7. (-) Georgia Tech (10-1)- They get Georgia This weekend (I misread the schedule and wrote that down as last weekend), then they take on Clemson in the ACC title game. Iggins! informed me the other day that some projections have them facing Iowa in the BCS. I'll pay good money to make this happen, for nothing will make Iggins! realize the unstoppability of the triple option more than Josh Nesbitt and Jonathan Dwyer running roughshod through the Hawkeye defense.

8. (-) Pittsburgh (9-1)- Guh. Once more, if Cinci loses next week and gives Wanny a Big East title, I may be reduced to murder.

9. (-) Ohio State (10-2)- Not too long till Oregon (or Oregon State, I suppose) hands Tressel his next embarassing loss in front of a national audience.

10. (-) Oregon (9-2)- They barely survived Arizona, and the Civil War against the Beavers this weekend is just as nerve-wracking. Should be a hell of a game.

11. (+2) Penn State (10-2)- They jump over Oklahoma State because OK State suffered the embarassment of letting Colorado hang around until the 4th quarter.

12. (-) Oklahoma State (9-2)- They get Oklahoma this week, which is no longer as scary as it seemed. They should be Iowa's biggest competition for one of the last at-large bids for the BCS.

13. (+1) Iowa (10-2)- They grit out yet another win against Minnesota to finish the regular season with ten wins, and they may yet grab an at-large BCS bid. A tip of the cap to mine enemies.

14. (+2) Clemson (8-3)-CJ Spiller is unstoppable, and freshman QB Kyle Parker has improved all year long. The ACC Title game should feature a lot of offense on both sides (I'll take Things I Never Thought I'd Say for 500, Alex).

15. (+3) Virginia Tech (8-3)- Welcome back to the Top 15.

16. (+3) Oregon State (8-3)- They survived the curse of being in my rankings for one week, let's see if they can do it long enough to win a Pac 10 title.

17. (-6) LSU (8-3)- This is a much, much more appropriate spot for them.

18. (+3) Miami (8-3)- I still like Jacory Harris.

19. (NR) Cal (8-3)- They've the year went on? How unlike Cal. Beating Stanford without Jahvid Best is impressive.

20. (-) USC (7-3)- Not much to say.

21. (+1) Temple (9-2)- 9 wins for Temple. WHY AREN'T PEOPLE NOTICING THIS?

22. (NR) BYU (9-2)- I guess I can now forgive them for the ass whuppin' Florida State handed them.

23. (-) Utah (9-2)- Sure, why not.

24. (-) Central Michigan (9-2)- I like Dan Lefevour, but he'd better not fuck up my Cinderella story by beating Temple in the MAC title game.

25. (-) Houston (9-2)- Meh.

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