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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

College Football Rankings, Week 6.

Just like last week I'm not going to do a recap of every game involving the Top 25, especially since half of them were idle, but here's just a few of the games that surprised me-

#9 USC 30, #25 Cal 3
Holy shit, Cal. I had you picked to win the Pac 10 and you've been outscored 72-6 the last two weeks by the two teams you needed to beat to do it. Farewell from my rankings.

Michigan State 26, #21 Michigan 20
Michigan State proves that it will forever remain an inexplicably erratic and dangerous football team.

UTEP 58, #22 Houston 41
The same UTEP that just got destroyed 64-7 by Texas tore up the Houston team that had torn up Oklahoma State. Chaos, I would say, except this leads to less chaos by eliminating the chance of Houston being a BCS buster.

#7 LSU 20, Georgia 13

#24 Miami 21, #5 Oklahoma 20

Anywho, onto the new rankings-

#1 Florida (-) No change for the Idle, but there's a very good chance they'll be without Tebow against LSU, which could make that game very, very interesting.
#2 Texas (-) Also Idle.
#3 Alabama (-) They whomped on Kentucky, but that doesn't mean what it meant two years ago.
#4 Boise State (-) A win over UC Davis keeps them on track for BCS bustin'
#6 Ohio State (-) On they roll to a Big Ten title and a disheartening BCS loss.
#7 Virginia Tech (+1) Meh, it was natural for them to come out a little slow against Duke after last week's big win over Miami.
#8 USC (+1) Officially back on track. They take on Oregon on Halloween. I'll be watching.
#9 Oklahoma State (+1) Idle.
#10 Cincinnati (+1) Sigh, I kept the Big East out of the top ten as long as I could.
#11 TCU (+3) Moved up three spaces for an awesome mascot and a 39-14 drubbing of SMU.
#12 Iowa (+3) Don't be fooled by the mere 3 point win over lowly Arkansas State. Kirk Ferentz is just doing what he does best- Sucking the life out of every football game he touches. You think people enjoy watching Iowa football? Even Iggins!? No, they don't. They watch in agonized pain as their team eliminates the very concept of offense and then slugs it out with whoever's on the other side. Its slow, its painful, and god f&%king damnit, it works. Plus I wanted to move them above Penn State.
#13 Georgia Tech (+3) INSULT THE TRIPLE OPTION AGAIN, IGGINS! WATCH AS IT CRUSHES ALL WHO OPPOSE IT (Except for Miami...and most likely Virginia Tech)
#14 Miami (+10) This is a comfortable spot for them after an impressive win against Oklahoma.
#15 Penn State (-3) Dropped three places due to the Hate Clause after they raped Illinois while I was there to witness it live. Thanks for ruining Juice William's career, guys. (Kidding of course, Ron Zook is solely to blame for that).
#16 Oklahoma (-11) Sam Bradford's soon to return, and maybe in time to save their BCS chances, although their national championship hopes are now out the window.
#17 Ole Miss (-4) I dropped them four spots because A) Jevan Snead (or as I call him, Baby Rex), threw 3 interceptions (and 3 tds) against Vandy, and because putting them at #13 last week was a total accident. Honestly, I thought I had them at #17.
#18 Oregon (-) No change, since 52-3 against Washington State should just be expected.
#19 Kansas (-) Idle.
#20 Nebraska (-) Idle.
#21 Missouri (+2) Idle.
#22 Auburn (NR) They're 5-0, which is very surprising. They're also scoring 41.4 ppg, astonishing given last year's average of 17.3 ppg. Welcome to the Top 25.
#23 BYU (NR) They've rebounded with two straight wins after the Florida State debacle, but the true test will be their game against TCU on October 24th.
#24 South Florida (NR) Why the hell not? You try filling out a Top 25. It's slim pickins', and I'm not buying into Notre Dame.
#25 Stanford (NR) Jim Harbaugh's get it for being 4-1 and because I love Jim Harbaugh.

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