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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 6 NCAA Picks

After last weekend's disaster I had fallen 5 games back of Iggins! in our combined NCAA and NFL predictions, but fortunately I was able to rebound with a 16-8 effort (9-5 NFL, 7-3 NCAA), which overcame Iggins! 14-10 ( NFL 10-4, 4-6 NCAA) week to cut my deficit to just three games. The combined standings after two weeks:

Iggins!: 31-18 (NFL 21-8, NCAA 10-10)
Code Red: 28-21 (NFL 16-13, NCAA 12-8)

Here are our NCAA picks for this week (NFL to come tomorrow):

#21 Nebraska @ #24 Missouri

Iggins!: Watching Big 12 North teams play each-other is a lot like watching Debbie Does Dallas. Even if you win, you’re still gonna get fucked by Texas. Missouri wins.

Code Red: Damn. That’s a good line. Damn fine line indeed. Mizzou is a good team, as is Nebraska, and they looked tough against Virginia Tech. I’m going to ahead and do this for argument’s sake. Nebraska wins.

#3 Alabama @ #20 Ole Miss

Code Red: Jevan Snead is an enigma. EDSBS uses the Favre comparison, I use the Grossman. Both SEC players, both were fairly inaccurate college passers, both agree that ball security is for women. He could go off on Alabama for 400 yds and 4 tds and I wouldn’t bat an eye, but I think Saban will manage to get to the gunslinger in him. Alabama wins.

Iggins!: I don’t believe you, Ole Miss. Alabama wins.

#13 Oregon @ UCLA

Iggins!: I have a feeling I’m going to wish I picked UCLA, but Oregon has been crushing teams left and right. Oregon wins.

Code Red: Oregon’s back with a vengeance. They’re just punching opponents left and right. Oregon wins.

#17 Auburn @ Arkansas

Code Red: Auburn is 5-0 and their offensive turnaround has been remarkable, but Arkansas and Ryan Mallet are ready to upset someone and are probably still smarting over the beatdown Alabama gave them a few weeks ago. Arkansas wins.

Iggins!: Auburn is legitimately good which makes you wonder; since Gene Chizik is enjoying this much success at Auburn and he failed miserably at Iowa State, does that mean Iowa State is the worst program in the nation right now, all things considered? Auburn wins.

Stanford @ Oregon State

Iggins!: Interesting fact, Oregon State is unbeaten on the road, and 1-2 at home. I love Harbaugh but I don’t think they can make OSU 1-3 at home. Oregon State wins.

Code Red: Argument’s sake. Stanford.

#10 TCU @ Air Force

Iggins!: TCU should be nowhere near #10, and unfortunately they only play one ranked team this year (BYU) so nobody will know until bowl season. Unless Air Force takes this one. Air Force wins.

Code Red: Good luck with that. TCU wins.

#1 Florida @ #4 LSU

Code Red: If Tebow were 100% this one’s an easy call. But it looks like Jeff Brantley will get the start. Hmm. Logic says go with LSU. I’ll stick with Florida.

Iggins!: I still don’t think LSU is great, and they would have lost if not for perhaps the worst excessive celebration call ever. Florida is one of only 3 teams in the nation who deserves a shot at the title under any circumstance. Florida wins.

Michigan @ #12 Iowa

Iggins!: Michigan finally paid for starting slow and coming back late last week, and the close call against Arkansas State means nothing: at this point Iowa is 2002 OSU. They almost lose every game but just keep on winning. The real problem game is at Michigan State a couple weeks down the road. Iowa wins.

Code Red: I’m not seeing anyone on Iowa’s offense as dynamic as Maurice Clarrett. I hate to pick against Iowa, because they typically burn me, and I’m really convinced they are a great team, but I feel like if they’re going to lose one, it’ll either be here or against Ohio State. I’ll go ahead and start here. Michigan Wins.

#22 Georgia Tech @ Florida State

Code Red: Florida State could rally around their embattled coach, help salvage his legacy and come out firing in order to defeat the triple option. It won’t though. Georgia Tech Wins.

Iggins!: An ACC team is ranked in the 20s and is playing away from home at an unranked ACC team who isn’t Duke? I take Florida State.

Arizona @ Washington

Iggins!: Washington has taken some tough losses (LSU, @Stanford, @Notre Dame) so it’s hard to tell if the USC game was a fluke just yet. I think this will prove it. Arizona wins.

Code Red: Iggins! only wants Arizona to win in order to justify Iowa’s win over Arizona as legitimate. Washington Wins.

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