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Monday, October 5, 2009

Time to Talk About the Patron Saint..

Thank you, Kissing Suzy Kolber. Thank you so much.

On April 2nd, the day Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton switched teams, I said the following:

"In all honesty, Jay Cutler is probably as talented as a quarterback gets. Kyle most certainly is not. Cutler has the arm strength and mobility that Kyle will never have. While Jay's maturity is no doubt in question, this was the right move for the Bears. I hope Kyle finds a niche for himself in Denver. I'm sure with Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal catching his passes he'll probably put up great numbers, and hell, if Josh McDaniel's offense could make Matt Cassel look good, I'm sure Kyle will look like Steve Young."

I really meant that at the time. Over the summer the constant Bronco fan bashing of Cutler and the few meathead Bears fans who insist on comparing the two after every pass drove me to the point where I just wanted the Broncos to lose. I apologize for this. Kyle Orton is still our hero, and it's time I go back to being the bigger man and coming out and saying:

Go Broncos. I hate Josh McDaniels and his godawful smarmy, snarky little face. But his system works, and it is the PERFECT system for Kyle. Any meathead moron who thinks that Cutler and Orton's numbers would be the same as they are if they were still on the same teams they were last year is a moron. The Coryell offense that Turner runs thrives on having a strong armed passer. McDaniel's offense works with a quarterback who can manage the short and intermediate passing game without making mistakes. Kyle's done that so far, with a 97. 7 rating, and as I said before, if that hack Matt Cassell can do it, Kyle can too. Yes, the lucky pass to Stokely has inflated those numbers, but one stat doesn't lie- 0 interceptions on 117 attempts. Even without the Stokely fluke he'd have a 91.8 rating.

The Broncos defense is actually legitimate thanks to upgrading with Brian Dawkins and rookie Robert Ayers and the addition of Mike Nolan, and while the Broncos will struggle to score points at time, they have the same recipe that helped the Bears win when Orton was at the helm. Next week against the Patriots will be a tough test, as Orton still struggles to get the ball to his receivers (he was just 7-16 when targeting wideouts, and 13-13 when targeting backs or tight ends), and Belichick knows that offense well enough to know what to take away. If Orton and the Broncos make it through that, everyone should be impressed.

I don't need to succumb to flame wars with Broncos or Bears meatheads who'll come screaming everytime Cutler throws an interception. Cutler is 3-1 and giving Chicago everything we hoped he'd give them. Orton is 4-0 (though yes, he should be 3-1) and he's shutting up the Broncos fans who acted like he was the world's worst quarterback.

Kyle, forgive me. I still love you. Sometimes both teams win a trade.

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