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Thursday, September 20, 2012

NCAA Week 4 Prognostication Bukakke


Code Red: 12-8
Iggins!: 11-9
Mrs. Code Red: 9-11

Code Red: 16-16
Mrs. Code Red: 16-16
Iggins!: 14-18

Code Red: 28-24
Mrs. Code Red: 25-27
Iggins!: 25-27

Oregon State @ #19 UCLA
Iggins!: With Wisconsin barely beating UNI and Utah State, it’s hard to say how good Oregon State is. Of course, it’s equally difficult to assess how good that UCLA win over Nebraska was because B1G teams tend to lose strange games when they travel to the west coast. I’ll take UCLA to win because I don’t have a lot of faith that OSU is suddenly good.

Code Red: UCLA is ranked? God this is a wasteland. UCLA wins. Or something. Wait, didn’t I say UCLA would go to a bowl game or something? HA! I’m RIGHT ABOUT UCLA!

Mrs. Code Red: Oregon State. Worked for me last time. 
#2 LSU @ Auburn
Code Red: Gene Chizik is so lucky Cam preferred Auburn’s cash to Mississippi State’s. LSU wins.

Iggins!: There must have been something additional involved. Like free pizza for life or something. LSU wins.

Mrs. Code Red: LSU.

#18 Michigan @ #11 Notre Dame
Iggins!: Having people talking national title for Notre Dame is making me physically ill, but Michigan has looked just terrible. Notre Dame wins.

Code Red: They’re not doing that, are they? TELL ME THEY’RE NOT DOING THAT. Notre Dame wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Notre Dame. 
Rutgers @ Arkansas
Code Red: Woof. Must be a shitty week. Arkansas I suppose. 
Iggins!: Pretty damn slim pickings. I’ll take Arkansas in an extremely tepid fashion, just because it’s Big East vs. SEC. But I can definitely see Rutgers beating the snot out of the Razorbacks.

Mrs. Code Red: Arkansas? 
#15 Kansas State @ #6 Oklahoma
Iggins!: Oklahoma is #6, and that’s kind of sad. They looked poor against UTEP, and it’s hard to discern how good a team is by watching them beat Florida A&M. I’ll go out on a limb and take Kansas State to win.

Code Red: Well, that makes this one easy for me. Oklahoma wins.
Mrs. Code Red: Oklahoma. 
#10 Clemson @ #4 Florida State
Code Red: Can’t pick against FSU at home. Florida State wins

Iggins!: Well, you know I’m not picking against Clemson here. Clemson wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Florida State. I don't trust Clemson.

Utah @ Arizona State
Iggins!: I like Utah, but ASU has been surprisingly stout. Meh, I hate Todd Graham, so Utah wins.

Code Red: I was pretty impressed with ASU, and that’s a hellish place to play (devil pun not intended). AZ State wins. 
Iggins!: I think that was intended.

Mrs. Code Red: Arizona State

#22 Arizona @ #3 Oregon

Code Red: Arizona’s defense has looked…porous. Oregon’s offense is wont to exploit such things. Oregon wins.
Iggins!: Richrod is ranked. Goddamnit. Oregon wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Oregon.

BYU @ #24 Boise State
Iggins!: I’ll take Boise State at home here, but this could go either way. Losing to any B1G team this season is pretty much admitting you’re irrelevant.

Code Red: BYU is underwhelming as well. Boise State wins.
Mrs. Code Red: Boise State

Missouri @ #7 South Carolina
Code Red: Defense will be way too stout for Mizzou to handle. South Carolina wins. 
Iggins!: Missouri is going to take their lumps this year. South Carolina wins.

Mrs. Code Red: South Carolina.

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Anansi said...

There is no shame in losing to the demigod, Le'veon Bell.