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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Patriots 36, Bears- Well, that Hurt

How do you stop the New England Patriots? Seriously. I have no idea. I was willing to laugh at the Jets last week but the truth is they've absolutely hammered the defenses of the Steelers, Ravens, Jets, and Bears, and as many excuses as people may want to make for the records for some of those teams they didn't become top five defenses by accident. New England has destroyed all of them. Now, naturally the 2007 edition of the Patriots is proof enough that it's conceivable that someone will figure it out, but man. I've got nothing right now.

Thank God for the Detroit Lions this week. Not only did they save the Bears' ass by keeping Detroit a game back, they've given Rodgers his second concussion, one that would seem likely to keep him out against New England next week. The Bears have to piece it together quick and shut down Minnesota next week to force the Packers into a must win situation for their last three games. Even then it won't be enough if the Bears can win the next two before heading to Green Bay. I still think they will, even after today's debacle. I'm going to take some comfort from the fact that they played the best team in the NFL today, and I think they're a better team than the disaster that had everything snowball against them in the middle of a god damn blizzard today. That's no excuse. New England kicked their ass and anybody who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves, but they're at least good enough to get into the playoffs. As my motto has been all year long, once they get there anything can happen. Until then we have to hope their memory is as short as mine hopefully will be, because I just want to forget this one.

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