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Monday, December 6, 2010

College Football Roundup, Championship Weekend

Oklahoma 23, Nebraska 20
Nebraska had a 17 point lead before falling apart. Their offense just isn't there yet. Next year they may take another step and not self-destruct against every quality opponent. Of course, that corresponds with their move to the Big Ten. Greaat.

Auburn 56, South Carolina 17
I have no idea what to make of the Cam Newton situation. As long he's eligible, however, and he is right now, I don't see how you deny the man the Heisman. I'm very interested in his pro prospects. Not sure what to think yet where he'll fall when there are seemingly ready-made NFL passers in Luck and Mallett.

Virginia Tech 44, Florida State 33
Christian Ponder would be in the discussion with Mallett and Luck if he could ever stay healthy, yet he missed his 6th start in 2 years in what could have been the biggest game of his college career. Not that it matters, as neither one of them stood a chance against Stanford. Harbaugh will crush you.

Oregon 37, Oregon State 20
As much as I hate the BCS, this was definitely the right matchup for the national championship game. This is going to be exciting. Too bad we have to wait a month.

UConn 19, South Florida 16
And UConn is your Big East Champion. A team that had their ass handed to them by multiple scores by Temple will now go to the BCS. I'm not sure why the BCS didn't give us the usual matchup of ACC vs. Big East, at least that only makes one of those games irrelevant, but now the Orange (Stanford vs. Virginia Tech) and the Fiesta (Oklahoma vs. UConn) are foregone conclusions. Stanford vs. Oregon would have been, you know, entertaining, but the BCS hates you as much as always.

Fresno State 25, Illinois 23
I'm not one to blame officials. Illinois should have not started out down 16-0 if they wanted to win the game, but the officiating in this game certainly did them no favors. I'm not surprised Wisconsin vowed they'd never play Fresno State and its officials ever again. Either way, disappointing effort by the Illini and a sadly deserved 6-6 record. At least they get a watchable matchup against Baylor in the Texas bowl. It would be nice to win that and avoid five losing seasons out of six in the Zook Era.

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