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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Return of Prognostication Bukakke! (Again)

We're back after two weeks off (one unintended) because Iggins! finally got his ass in gear. The cold reality that faces him, however, is this:


Code Red:80-44 (44-29 NFL, 35-15 NCAA)
Iggins!: 69-55 (40-34 NFL, 29-21 NCAA)

Yes, that's still an 11 game lead. Anyway, onto this week:

Illinois @ Michigan

Code Red: Illinois’ defense can contain Denard Robinson, and Ron Zook has somehow made Rich Rod his bitch. Get it now, Illinois. Get your bowl eligibility sooner rather than later. Illinois wins.

Iggins!: Michigan is in the middle of the RichRod downward spiral, and Illinois is eerily consistent considering… well, that they’re Illinois. Illinois wins.

Baylor @ Oklahoma State
Iggins!: For first place in the Big 12 South! You know it’s a good year of football when Baylor is 6-2. I’ll take Baylor. Baylor wins.

Code Red: 7-2, actually. Make that 8-2. Baylor wins.

TCU @ Utah
Code Red: Sadly, this game will not affect the BCS Championship at all. That said, TCU will win.

Iggins!: Because I desperately need to make up games, I will take the home team ftw. Utah wins.

Code Red: Desperation. It's such a sweet musk.

Colorado @ Kansas
Iggins!: Wow. Talk about things I don’t care about. Colorado wins.

Code Red: Indeed. I guess I'll take Kansas. They really blow, but the kid needs a bone thrown anyway.

New Mexico State @ Utah State
Code Red: There weren’t 10 great matchups this week, so instead of choosing some gimmes or games between middling teams, I chose to go with two games between really awful teams I know nothing about. I’ll pick the Utah State Aggies here, as they’ll destroy their evil doppelgangers, the NM State Aggies.

Iggins!: This is incredible. Utah State wins.

Northwestern @ Penn State
Iggins!: Penn State isn’t good, they just looked good against Michigan. Northwestern wins.

Code Red: Who Doesn't look good against Michigan's defense? NW wins.

Alabama @ LSU
Code Red: The slide truly begins, Les. Bama wins.

Iggins!: Satan versus the guy who made a deal with Satan? Satan (Alabama) wins.

Arkansas @ South Carolina
Iggins!: So South Carolina is still in the driver’s seat to win their division. Spurrierfail time. Arkansas wins.

Code Red: Shit. I hate to pick against Mallett again, but Arkansas' defense can't stop anyone or anything and is practically non-existent against the run. Big game for Marcus Lattimore. South Carolina wins.

Arizona @ Stanford
Code Red: Stanford has looked unstoppable against everyone who isn’t Oregon. I just don’t think Arizona’s defense can slow them down enough, especially not on the road. Stanford wins.

Iggins!: Arizona at home would win this game, but they are much more vulnerable on the road. Against Harbaugh they don’t have a chance. Stanford wins.

Arizona State @ USC
Iggins!: It would please me to see Kiffykins lose here, but after last week’s shellacking I think they’ll bounce back. USC wins.

Code Red: It wouldn't surprise me to see Kiffin lose this, but Arizona State is just so boring and mediocre. USC wins.

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