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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Around the NFL, Week 8

I have to say, I was grateful for the Bears' bye this week. God knows that last loss was eye-gougingly awful, and at this point I'm praying that they can avoid the embarrassment of being Buffalo's first win. Hopefully I'll look back at this statement Monday morning and laugh at myself for contemplating joining the DOOM train, but I'm certainly feeling less optimistic about the future of this team than I was before they established the Cutler to Hall connection. Anywho, onto the scores:

Chiefs 13, Bills 10
Bills fans deserve so much better. (Please Jesus don't let it start this week)

Rams 20, Panthers 10
The Rams are respectable. They need a deep threat for Sam Bradford, as his YPA is the only thing lagging behind in his development right now. Other than that, I think they're definitely on the rise, and that division is still open this year, and certainly next year.

49ers 24, Broncos 16
More embarassing, a 45 point loss to the Raiders or any loss at all to Troy Smith? Who cares, because both are hilarious. It's okay, Josh. At least you have guys who are determined to lose as a team.

Lions 37, Redskins 25
I actually called this. The Redskins are not good. They've been outscored on the season. They've been outgained in every single game. They have the second worst defense, yardage wise, in the NFL. They have a flukey +8 turnover differential and that's the only reason they aren't 0-7. Yes, I'm just venting because Jay Cutler handed them a win last week. God Dammit.

Packers 9, Jets 0
Oh F*&K you, Rico Mirerez. You picked an awesome f*&king week to rear your ugly head again. Eat. A. Dick.

Dolphins 22, Bengals 14
Yes, it's another Bengals loss directly attributable to Carson Palmer's failures as a QB. Sadness.

Jaguars 35, Cowboys 17
Oh man, the Cowboys are awful.

Chargers 33, Titans 25
Tennessee loses every time they seem to have a golden opportunity to gain ground in that division.

Buccaneers 38, Cardinals 35
I had only one thought in my head watching Derek Anderson throw an interception in the red zone despite being in chip shot range for the tying FG: Young. Jake. Plummer.

Patriots 28, Vikings 18
I never thought I'd say this, but thank you, New England. Of all of the painful and hilarious losses the Vikings have suffered this year, you are the only ones who appear to have sent them into complete and total organizational fucktardery. Cutting Randy Moss without informing the owner? Brilliant, Brad Childress. I feel like a barbarian king laughing while Rome burns to the ground.

Raiders 33, Seahawks 3
There's so much in the world that doesn't make sense. Oakland winning 92-17 over the last two weeks is one of them.

Saints 20, Steelers 10
Well played game by the Saints. I think they're gonna be okay.

Colts 30, Texans 17
The Texans actually look worse than last year. They just can't seem to get Schaub and Foster clicking at the same time. Disappointing.

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