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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prognostication Bukakke, NCAA Week 7

Last week was my least productive this season, as I went just 5-5 in the NCAA and 8-6 in the NFL, but Iggins! was kind enough to suck even more than that, as his 4-6 and 6-8 week has now graced me with an 11 game lead.

Code Red: 66-34 (36-24 NFL, 30-10 NCAA)
Iggins: 55-45 (31-29 NFL, 24-16 NCAA)

Onto this week's picks:

Illinois @ Michigan State

Code Red: Michigan State looks very good this year, and this game is on their home turf, but I have an 11 game lead and we'll see if I can pull one outta my ass for the Illini two weeks in a row. Illini win.

Iggins!: Christ almighty let me win one of these games. Michigan State wins.

Iowa @ Michigan
Iggins!: Michigan is who we thought they were: a shitty team with a great QB. Iowa can handle that even better than MSU did. Iowa wins.

Code Red: I really hate when his unabashed homerism coincides with actual logic. Iowa wins.

Texas @ Nebraska
Code Red: Nebraska is 1) much, much better and 2) out for revenge for that miserable rigged play clock during the Big 12 Championship game last year. Nebraska wins, bloodily.

Iggins!: Nebraska has a very good shot at going unbeaten. Nebraska crushes.

California @ USC
Iggins!: I really want to see Kiffykins fail but Cal just isn’t a good football team, and after two straight losses at the buzzer I think USC wants blood. USC wins.

Code Red: Cal is a mystery. I guess I'll go with USC, since they're still going to lose to Oregon State, Oregon, and Arizona.

Missouri @ Texas A&M
Code Red: I picked this game because Missouri is apparently ranked and because I enjoy any reason to watch the chaos that is a Jerrod Johnson-led offense. I'll roll with J-Rod's madness this week. Texas A&M wins.

Iggins!: I just hate A&M so much. Missouri wins.

South Carolina @ Kentucky
Iggins!: It would be very like South Carolina to lose here, but I’ll ride their bus for now. South Carolina wins.

Code Red: It's true. South Carolina's disposition toward batshit-crazy extends to their football programs as well (both South Carolina and Clemson lose a million games a year that they shouldn't). I just can't pick Kentucky. SC wins.

Baylor @ Colorado
Code Red: This week has some marquee matchups at the top, but man I was really scraping the barrel to get to ten. I'll go with Baylor and Robert Griffin III.

Iggins!: WOW. Baylor vs. Colorado? Jesus. Baylor by 30.

Arkansas @ Auburn
Iggins!: DIE CAM NEWTON DIE. Arkansas wins.

Code Red: I don't get this kid's irrational hatred of Cam Newton. We all know my irrational manlove of Ryan Mallett, but what concerns me here is that Arkansas couldn't stop the run at all against Alabama and Auburn just pounds people into submission. Auburn wins despite a brilliant effort by Mallett.

Ohio State @ Wisconsin
Code Red: Ohio State has now climbed to the top of the polls. I dislike this, so I'll wager on a Wisconsin upset on the Badgers' home turf. Wisconsin wins.

Iggins!: Excellent. Ohio State wins.

Code Red:I'm trying to make this interesting. If I STILL add three games to my lead this week you should probably retire and never make a prediction again.

Oregon State @ Washington
So Washington celebrated beating USC by losing to the second worst team in the Pac 10. OH WAIT, Washington is the second worst team in the Pac 10. Oregon State wins.

Code Red: Oregon State doesn't lose in October. OSU wins.

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