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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prognostication Bukakke! NCAA Week 6

Code Red: 53-23 (28-18 NFL, 25-5 NCAA)
Iggins: 45-31 (25-21 NFL, 20-10 NCAA)

Yes, bitches, that's an 8 game lead.

Onto this week, where Iggins! opportunities for a comeback are somewhat limited:

Illinois @ Penn State
Code Red: I don’t really believe in moral victories, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Illinois responded to their impressive defensive showing against OSU by falling apart completely against Penn State. But what the hell, I’ve got an 8 game lead. Illinois wins.

Iggins!: You are very generous, sir. Penn State wins.

Michigan State @ Michigan
Iggins!: The first good team Michigan has faced, Denard has gotten injured in each game he’s played, and Michigan doesn’t have a defense. Seriously, I’m not sure if they field 11 players on defense. At the very least I’m positive they only have two people in the secondary at all times. Michigan State wins.

Code Red: Again, this looks like it may be the one Michigan State team every decade that actually wins 10 games. MSU wins.

Arkansas @ Texas A&M
Code Red: I can’t for the life of me figure out why so many people are jumping off of Ryan Mallett’s draft stock because Alabama confused the shit out of him in the 4th quarter. Before that he’d gashed what’s easily been the nation’s best defense for 3 years running for well over 300 yards. Peyton Manning never won a game against Florida when he was in college. He turned out okay. ARMCOCK shall be back with a vengeance this week, while I’m going to be sure to record this just for the pure joy of watching Jerrod Johnson keep Texas A&M in and out of this game simultaneously. Armcockansas wins.

Iggins!: I don’t understand QB ratings going into a draft. Sometimes it seems like Kiper ranks them highly based entirely on physical ability, take for instance Jake Locker who has never done anything of any importance at Washington, and sometimes he takes a ridiculous amount of points away from a guy who has a bad game. Why does Mallett suffer so much when Locker went 4-20 against Nebraska? Either way Arkansas is a better team. Arkansas wins.

Pittsburgh @ Notre Dame

Iggins!: Two “disappointing” teams who you are only disappointed with if you haven’t been paying attention to college football for the last 5 years. The difference here is in the QB play, where Notre Dame is clearly superior. Notre Dame wins.

Code Red: Yeah, I really only put this game on here so we can laugh at both snobby Notre Dame fans AND Dave Wannstedt. It’s like a double- decker schadenfreude sandwich. But I agree, ND has a functioning offense, giving them exactly one more functioning unit than Pitt. ND wins.

Alabama @ South Carolina
Code Red:
After watching Spurrier absolutely wreck a masterful performance by Stephen Garcia by benching him for a freshman on the road against a ranked team in the 4th quarter (I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I can’t get over how utterly incompetent Spurrier was in this game), I can’t imagine any chance of him coaching South Carolina to anything better than a 14 point loss in this game. Alabama wins.

Iggins!: Yeah, it’s that type of shit that makes you lose faith in a coaching staff. Might be time for Spurrier to hang it up. Roll Tide?

Oregon State @ Arizona
I have witnessed the hell that is Arizona’s stadium. Oregon State is worse than Iowa, and even though Iowa didn’t play anywhere near to their potential, Oregon State still isn’t as good as that Iowa team. Arizona wins.

Code Red: I knew he’d use this space to talk up Iowa. This guy can teach you people things about being a homer. It’s like Ron Santo f*&ked Hawk Harrelson and sent their kid to Iowa. Anywho, yeah, Arizona will win.

LSU @ Florida
Code Red: Two teams with great defenses and brainless offensive coordinators. I’m going to take the home team. Florida wins.

Iggins!: Yeah, LSU just can’t keep getting by on that psychotic bastards luck and balls forever. Florida wins.

Florida State @ Miami
Iggins!: Ha. ACC teams. God that’s a great joke. Miami wins.

Code Red: This conference BLOOOOOOOOWS. Miami.

USC @ Stanford
Code Red: Stanford wore down late against Oregon in Autzen, but there’s no way they’ll lose to Kiffykins. Stanford wins.

Iggins!: Oregon is a damn fine team. Stanford is easily second best in the Pac 10 though. Stanford wins.

Arizona State @ Washington
Iggins!: Equal shittiness. Fantastic. Home team? Washington wins.

Code Red: I’ll roll with Washington since they came up big for me last week.

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