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Monday, September 6, 2010

Roster Cutdowns and Week One College Football Observations

The Bears made some interesting cuts recently. Juaquin Iglesias, Jarron Gilbert, Dan LeFevour, Al Afalava, and Josh Beekman all got the axe with the final cutdown. Iglesias and Gilbert were only surprising in that Angelo had the guts to part ways with a couple relatively high and recent failed picks of his (Iglesias has come back to the practice squad, so nothing lost there). Why he can't seem to do the same and simply bench Danieal Manning is another question. The writing was on the wall for LeFevour well before final cuts, so I'm not surprised to see him go at all. I'm also not shocked that the Bengals claimed him quickly on waivers. The kid has talent. If the Bengals are willing to spend the roster spot and the time necessary to make him into an NFL quarterback, they're probably getting a good deal.

Beekman and Afalava truly shocked me, however. I never swallowed the Afalava kool-aid before the start of last season, but it's very shocking to see him go from week one starter to the unemployment line in the course of one season. I at least felt he was better than Josh Bullocks or Craig F%*king Steltz.Considering the injury issues of Manning, Wright, and Chris Harris, I'd have thought it wise to keep Al. Beekman performed adequately as a guard the last two years and seemed to be a natural fit at center when Kreutz is finally done. Hopefully this means that Kreutz has looked healthy enough this offseason to remain an effective starter all year long. It bugs me, however, that this team still lacks a succession plan.


-Illinois is doomed. DOOMED I SAY. God I hate my obligatory rooting interest. Curse my place of birth. I wish I'd been born on vacation.

- Ole Miss-Jacksonville State was hilarious and awesome in a thousand different ways. Tough break, Coach Giggity.

- Lost in the hubbub over North Carolina's valiant comeback effort against North Carolina was the fact that they may not have been down 30-10 in the first place if John Shoop could have been moved to attempt downfield passing BEFORE falling behind by 20 points. Glad to see somethings never change in this crazy world, John.

-I realize UConn isn't a powerhouse, but if Denard Robinson has truly learned how to operate Rich Rodriguez's system with Pat White-ian efficiency, then the Big Ten had best be prepared for some terrifying spread-option chaos.

-Arkansas, SKO's 2010 Mancrush Based Entirely On My Vaguely Homo-Erotic Admiration for Said Team's Quarterback and His Throbbing Armcock, looked pretty damn good in their first cupcake game of the year, with the dreamy Ryan Mallett posting a 225.77 passer rating and 3 TDs in their blowout of Tennessee Tech. Armcock.

- Shame on you if you didn't watch TCU-Oregon State. Here's to a Horned Frog-Boise State national title showdown and BCS anarchy once more.

-Currently watching Boise-VT, and Boise's defensive line looks like it could devour worlds with Cthulhu-esque flair.

That is all for now, minions. I shall post my updated College Football Rankings tomorrow. Football is back. Let us weep the tears of salvation and acknowledge once more the presence of the all-powerful God of Fall.

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