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Monday, September 20, 2010

Around the NCAA

My reactions to this week's college games:

Nevada 52, California 31
California's been in a decline ever since Aaron Rodgers left, so it's not like these are the powerful Bears of the early Tedford years, but this was still a surprisingly awful beatdown. Kudos to Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the cogs in Chris Ault's pistol offense for giving the WAC a big win over the Pac 10.

Michigan 42, Massachusetts 37
Holy shit, Michigan. I don't remember the last time a college team was so utterly dependent on their quarterback playing ludicrously well in order to be even remotely competitive. That Michigan defense is really going to have trouble during Big Ten season. They'll probably cost Robinson a Heisman even if he keeps at his ungodly pace.

Arkansas 31, Georgia 24
Arkansas isn't as bad off as Michigan, but this game was further proof that they go as far as Ryan Mallett will take them Georgia hasn't fielded a competent offense since Matt Stafford left and yet they very nearly upset an Arkansas team that looked unstoppable in the first half. Mallett and his armcock saved the day, however. We'll see if he can finally punch a hole in the Alabama defense.

Oklahoma 27, Air Force 24
The Big 12 South, folks. They don't need no stinkin' defense.

Wisconsin 20, Arizona State 19
This was a fun game to watch. That's really all I have to add.

USC 32, Minnesota 21
USC is not good, people. Minnesota may actually have had a shot at the upset if Tim Brewster had attempted the forward pass on anything other than 3rd downs. Keep it up, Brew. You're the only thing keeping the "arguably" in front of Ron Zook's title of The Worst Coach in the Big Ten.

Nebraska 56, Washington 21
Holy hell, Jake Locker. 4-20 passing. That'll hurt the old draft stock a bit. Hopefully he recovers in time to be the sacrificial lamb that keeps Ryan Mallett from having to play in Buffalo. Oh, and Nebraska is good. I love seeing them run the option again. F*%k you, Bill Callahan.

Florida 31, Tennessee 17
Those were the ugliest 31 points Florida has ever put up. It's really going to take a small miracle to keep them from being destroyed by Alabama if their offensive malaise continues. The South Carolina game is also looking rather dangerous as well.

TCU 45, Baylor 10
Posted merely for the stupidity of my prediction that Baylor would give them a scare.

Oregon 69, Portland State 0
I know they haven't played anybody, but Oregon is averaging over a point per minute. Good lord.

Auburn 17, Clemson 14
Pick against Clemson=Profit.

Texas 24, Texas Tech 14
F*&k you, Texas Tech.

UCLA 31, Houston 13
It saddens me that college football has now lost Case Keenum. He ran the run'n'shoot better than anyone since Houston's glory days with Ware and Klingler. Tough break, kid.

Michigan State 34, Notre Dame 31
All I saw of this game was the Fake FG TD. Apparently that gave Mark Dantonio a heart attack. That sums it up nicely, actually.

Arizona 34, Iowa 26
This was truly surprising. Perhaps it shouldn't have been. I'm still trying to get over the unthinkable sight of a Kirk Ferentz-built offensive line getting absolutely shit upon by a bloodthirsty defense. I have no doubt that Iowa will recover from this and compete for the Big Ten title, but damn, that was a bloodbath for Ricky Stanzi.

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State?
3-25: Flotsam.

Tune in Wednesday for the NCAA edition of this week's Prognostication Bukakke.

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