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Friday, April 30, 2010

In Which I Start a Trend

Comment from Peter King, about Josh McDaniel's proclaimed reasons for drafting Tim Tebow:

"Josh McDaniels told me early this morning that the Tim Tebow pick came down to Tebow meeting every one of the parameters he sets out for a quarterback: competitiveness, work ethic, leadership, traits of a winner, intelligence, toughness, productivity. I see all that, but we all know the adjustment in mechanics and style of play are going to be huge factors in whether Tebow succeeds in the NFL."

Scouting Report on Tim Tebow:

"While critics will talk about Tebow's quirky mechanics and throwing motion, his character profile is in line with McDaniels' desire to create a strong locker room rooted in team-first principles...

Tebow is arguably one of the best college quarterbacks of all time. He has won a lot of games over the years ....

....but his accuracy has been inconsistent over the years as he often ends up throwing the ball when on the move"

Another Scouting Report:

"...does not have a great "gun", but all he does is win games and make plays. He is a real student of the game and prides himself on his ability to read defenses and make smart decisions. This lefty is a great ball handler and moves around well in the pocket and handles the pressure of the pass rush. He is not a real pretty QB, in terms of mechanics and as good as his stats are, he tends to throw some ill-advised balls and look a little streaky, but this guy is a winner. Ironically, as we go through the draft process and NFL coaches become more involved, his stock will rise. This is a guy on draft day that several teams will throw out the measurables and concentrate on the player. In this case, that makes a lot of sense.."

Oh, wait. That second scouting report is on Cade McNown. My bad.

Not sayin'. Just sayin'.

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