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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

College Football Week 10 Rankings

After taking last week off there have been plenty of changes in the top 25 over the last two weeks, so here goes:

1. Florida (8-0)- I've been waiting for them to deliver a dominating performance equal to put them back on top, and they delivered with their 41-17 victory over Georgia. Yes, Georgia is downright awful by their usual standards this year, but Florida's struggled to put up points on lower tier SEC competition all season, so I choose to acknowledge this output. Bravo.

2. Texas (8-0)- They have absolutely dominated their opponents this year, and the 41-14 blowout of Oklahoma State should answer any questions as to whether they were merely racking up huge numbers against shoddy opponents. The path to the title game is more or less wide open for them now.

3. Alabama (8-0)- They barely survived Tennessee two weeks ago and sat idle this week, so they drop to the #3 spot while Florida and Texas ascend. It's not like it matters, since Florida and 'Bama will actually decide this shit the way these things Should be settled.

4. Boise State (8-0)- That win over Oregon looks just outstanding right now, but it looks like TCU may squeeze that at-large BCS bid away from them.

5. Oregon (7-1)- They clobbered my previous #5, USC, and they look like a malevolent entity of doom right now.

6. Cincinnati (8-0)- They've done well without Tony Pike, but they play in the shittiest conference out there (Jim Delaney and the Big Ten would like to thank them most heartily).

7. TCU (8-0)- I guess. They hammered BYU, but so did Florida State. We shall see.

8. Iowa (9-0)- Do I think they're worse than TCU? Or Boise State? Or even Oregon? It's possible. Their offense is utter garbage, yet they keep winning. I don't even think they'll lose in Columbus, as Terrelle Pryor against that defense is a nightmarish scenario, so that puts them on a collision course with Oregon in the Rose Bowl, and I'm willing to bet Oregon will own that game. TCU and Boise State are only ahead because fuck you, Iowa, that's why.

9. Georgia Tech (8-1)- They choose not to play that thing you call defense, but the triple option remains unstoppable and most likely headed for the Orange Bowl after Miami's inexplicable loss to Clemson.

10. Penn State (8-1) - Why? Because I don't want LSU in the top ten yet.

11. LSU (7-1)- There you go.

12. Houston (7-1)- My god, this is a shitty year for college football.

13. USC (6-1)- My first thought was "no, they don't deserve this." But look at what comes after. Guh.

14. Pittsburgh (7-1)- God help me, I've ranked Wannstedt in the top 15. (Breaks down, sobs uncontrollably).

15. Miami (6-2)- It was either Ohio State or Miami for this spot, I went with the one that actually has a quarterback.

16. Ohio State (6-2)- See above.

17. Oklahoma State (6-2)- They'll survive the maiming they got at the hands of Texas, but they have two tough games left- Texas Tech at home, which they should win, and then the last game of the season At Oklahoma. 10-3 looks about right.

18. Utah (7-1)- What? What the hell?

19. Arizona (5-2)- Meh. It's all flotsam at this point.

20. Oklahoma (5-3)- Best three loss team in the country?

21. Virginia Tech (5-3)- Or maybe it's these guys?

22. California (6-2)- They're back! And Jahvid Best is still one of the best runningbacks in the country. I guess that's enough.

23. Notre Dame (6-2)- Guh. The sad part is they Are a top 25 team. That says very little about them but a lot about the entire system.

24. Wisconsin (6-2)- Wooot. Go Big Ten.

25. Temple (6-2)- Bowl eligible for the first time since 1979 deserves at least a one week spot in the rankings.

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