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Monday, November 2, 2009

Bears Beat Browns 30-6...And Yet..

...None of you feel very comfortable, do you? This team looks absolutely punchless right now. The offensive line (even with the Beekman substitution) has completely melted down. Four sacks? Against CLEVELAND? At this point Lovie may need to consider holding Jay out of the Minnesota game so that Jared Allen doesn't go home and mount his severed head on the wall. Guh. Here's the breakdown:


Devin Hester- He's averaging over 88 yards receiving over the last three games. He's on pace for a 1,000+ yd, 7 td season. That's certainly more than anyone expected of him, but I expect him to finish with even more than that given his progression over the last three games. Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox have done a fine job making themselves into respectable threats as well, but Devin is (get this) a number one receiver.

Jay Cutler?- He had a pretty pedestrian game by his standards, but he managed 225 yards and moved the ball effectively despite being harassed all Cleveland. Aggh.

The Defense- Yeah, I'm still mad at them for last week. Yeah, it's Cleveland, and at this point Notre Dame's defense could hold them to 6 points. But whatever, they forced turnovers and gave up just 6 points, so here's their damn bone. But f*&k you F*&kers raw for the Bengals game.

The Bad-

The Offensive Line- The sight of Cutler bleeding from his jaw after a bone jarring hit from Shaun Rogers pretty much sums up the effor the offensive line has given this year. Well, that and Matt Forte averaging 3.5 ypc against one of the worst run defenses in the league. Leave it to the Bears to finally acquire a franchise quarterback and have nothing but has-beens, cast-offs, and an unproven draft pick (who, actually, is probably the best they have out there right now) to guard him. Cutler's going to get killed. He's been sacked 15 fucking times. That's on pace for a 33 sack season, and unless you're David Carr those numbers should absolutely terrify you. I heard a completely overhaul of the offensive line proposed, with Williams switching to left tackle (he hasn't looked terrible and it is the position they drafted him to play), Beekman at left guard, Kreutz and Garza staying put, and Shaffer taking over at right tackle. I'd try it because Pace is absolutely worthless and what else can you do? God damnit. It's sad that on a team actually loaded with skill position talent (who saw that coming?) the Bears can't get the most fundamental part of the offense right.

I don't know. I'm still angry after a 45-10 maiming at the hands of the Bengals. Nothing about yesterday really gave me any comfort. Am I alone in this? They get the Cardinals at home this week, and 5 of their next 7 overall are in Soldier Field. It goes without saying they need to take all five to have a realistic shot at the playoffs.

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