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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 8 NCAA Picks

After a small victory for me last week here is where Red and I stand going into this week of college football:

Iggins!: 22-18 NCAA (58-38 overall)

Code Red: 26-14 NCAA (61-35 overall)

on to the picks (for a pretty slim week of NCAA football):

Minnesota @ #19 Ohio State

Iggins!: Wow finally Ohio State got exposed last week against a Purdue team who was much better than their record indicated. I don’t think this will turn OSUs season around but they can beat Minnesota in the shoe. OSU wins.

Code Red: I agree Purdue was better than their record indicated. I also agree Terrelle Pryor is a really shitty quarterback. You didn’t say that? Oh. Terrelle Pryor is a really shitty quarterback. Ohio State wins though.

South Florida @ #20 Pittsburgh

Code Red: Wanny sucks, and USF actually looked decent until the fourth quarter against Cinci. USF wins.

Iggins!: Yeah, I can’t imagine Pitt winning this game. USF wins.

UConn @ #23 West Virginia

Iggins!: This could be one of those rally games considering the stabbing death of UConns starting corner, but I think WVU will be good enough to win. West Virginia wins.

Code Red: I tell you to pick the top ten games of the week and you give me UConn vs. West Virginia? Christ. WVU wins.

Tennessee @ #2 Alabama

Code Red: Wow! A match up of two absolutely contemptible coaches! One’s a great coach known for ruthless efficiency and blinding greed. The other just talks a lot. Saban wins. Alabama.

Iggins!: Kiffykins got a “big” win last week (and considering that “big” win was over an unranked Georgia team, methinks Tennessee is wishing for a Fulmer renaissance) but the pure evil of Saban can’t be beaten by the adorable likes of Kiffykins. Alabama wins.

#13 Penn State @ Michigan

Iggins!: Michigan is the better team, and as long as they limit mistakes Penn State should get blown out. Michigan wins.

Code Red: Michigan doesn’t have a defense anywhere near good enough to force Darryl Clark into the mind-numbing spasms of retardation he showed against Iowa. Penn State wins.

Oklahoma @ #25 Kansas

Code Red: I can’t tell if Oklahoma’s just sunk into despair and can’t recover or they’ll rally, because a four loss Oklahoma team would be shocking. I guess the Sooners take this one.

Iggins!: Kansas managed to lose to Colorado last week. And before that they almost lost to Iowa State. So yeah, Sooners win.

Boston College @ Notre Dame

Iggins!: Sigh. You have 3 chances at a TD inside the 5 late in the game and can’t get it done? Jesus is pissed. But even that can’t lose to a team whose QB managed a below zero passer rating. Notre Dame wins.

Code Red: You give me Wanny vs. South Florida. West Virginia vs. Connecticut, and now Boston College vs. an unranked, overhyped Notre Dame? Either you’re completely unable to choose ten good games, or I should find something better to do than watch football this weekend (just kidding). Congratulations, Charlie Weis, you managed to nobly lose by only one touchdown to the weakest USC team since 2001. Woop de damn do. Notre Dame wins, but that does nothing but fuel my rage over their piss poor schedule.

Iggins!: I know, but seriously, check out the schedule. This week has no good games. The others we could have picked would have been too fuckin easy.

#6 Iowa @ Michigan State

Code Red: I realize you’re worried about this one, my friend. Perhaps you should be. OSU can’t get out of its own way, and Michigan State may very well be the toughest challenge the Hawkeyes face on the remainder of the schedule. But alas, God hates me too much to allow that to happen. Iowa wins by some god awful score you thought mathematically impossible, like 11-5.

Iggins!: I’ve become much less worried each day about this game. I mean, you could say Iowa might overlook MSU, but if you’ve watched any Iowa game this year it seems like they’ve overlooked EVERYBODY and then dominated the 2nd half. The scary thing is there isn’t a game left on the schedule that freaks me out now. Iowa wins.

#8 TCU @ #16 BYU

Iggins!: The great equalizer, this game will stop a Mountain West team from being in the BCS. BYU wins.

Code Red: Indeed. BYU.

Oregon State @ #7 USC

Code Red: If USC makes it unscathed through Oregon State and Oregon, it’s money in my pocket. USC wins.

Iggins!: Oregon State is USC kryptonite, and they do this every year. They have a rough out of conference time and then in the Pac-10 they have some magical run to almost win the title. Oregon State wins.

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