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Thursday, October 22, 2009

NFL Power Rankings

1. (5-0) New Orleans Saints

2. (5-0) Indianapolis Colts

3. (6-0) Minnesota Vikings

4. (6-0) Denver Broncos

The 4 unbeatens stay at the top. The Saints and Colts are legitimately incredible.

5. (4-1) Atlanta Falcons

6. (5-1) New York Giants

7. (4-2) New England Patriots

8. (4-2) Cincinnati Bengals

9. (3-2) Chicago Bears

10. (4-2) Pittsburgh Steelers

The Giants showed enough weakness to deserve falling behind Atlanta

here. The Pats looked great against terrible competition, but they've

been good enough to warrant being placed over the next two. Isn't it sad

that even though the Bears are 3-2 you have to put them in the top 10?

11. (3-3) Baltimore Ravens

12. (3-2) Philadelphia Eagles

13. (3-2) San Francisco 49ers

14. (3-2) Green Bay Packers

15. (3-2) Arizona Cardinals

16. (2-3) Miami Dolphins

17. (3-3) New York Jets

Ugh. What a clusterfuck. I can't punish Baltimore too severely for

their losses up to this point. And they certainly won't be behind two

teams who just lost extremely embarrassing games. The Packers

and Cardinals are wild cards at this point; they could be good, bad,

terrible, or great depending on the day. The Jets have lost against

bad competition too much, so they have to fall behind Miami.

18. (2-3) San Diego Chargers

19. (3-2) Dallas Cowboys

20. (3-3) Jacksonville Jaguars

21. (3-3) Houston Texans

22. (2-3) Carolina Panthers

23. (2-4) Seattle Seahawks

This is the rest of the teams who won't make the playoffs, but who also won't manage to get a top 10 pick. Nothing spectacular here, just mediocrity.

24. (1-5) Kansas City Chiefs

25. (1-5) Detroit Lions

26. (2-4) Washington Redskins

27. (2-4) Oakland Raiders

28. (2-4) Buffalo Bills

I know, two 1-5 teams are above three 2-4 teams. But those 2-4 teams are absolutely fucking terrible. That they got 2 wins is a disgusting abnormality that I do not wish to talk about.

29. (0-6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

30. (0-6) Tennessee Titans

31. (1-5) Cleveland Browns

32. (0-6) St. Louis Rams

I really don't want to waste words on this pile of shit.

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