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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football! Real, Live, Regular Season Football! Tonight!

God damn those are hideous

Today is one of the best days of the year. Granted, not as good as this weekend will be when the Big Ten (including Illinois vs. Mizzou) kicks off, or the weekend after when the NFL starts it off, but for the first since February there will be live football that actually counts for something. There are 9 games on tonight, but the two that are actually important are South Carolina vs. NC State (which has ACC title implications, but not SEC, no matter how much Spurrier wishes it were so), and Boise State vs. Oregon, which has implications both on Oregon's challenge to USC for Pac 10 supremacy and Boise State's hopes at another BCS run.

The SC-NC State game will kick off at 6:00 PM central time on ESPN, with the Boise State-Oregon game on right after. Holy shit people, football! Granted, we may all go blind from the sight of those god awful Oregon uniforms on the gaudy blue turf of Boise State's stadium, but it will still be the glorious light of regular season football. Just to refresh I'm gonna post a link to my college football preview here, because I did it way back before anyone else had focused on football yet, and that was probably a bit premature.


Oh, and the Bears play tonight, but the starters will play only about one series, so it's hardly worth watching in comparison to the college slate on tonight. Final cuts are due on Saturday, so I'll post my response to those as soon as I can. Go Bears.

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