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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks, But No Thanks

Naw man, Rex Grossman I could take, but Kyle Orton? Not a chance.

This article from the Chicago Tribune today discuss the speculation already arising that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb may look to head to Chicago if his days in Philadelphia are truly numbered, as many people believe they are. With all due respect to Mr. McNabb and his illustrious career, Kyle Orton would like to tell anyone wishing to replace him with an injury prone veteran that's six years older that they can kiss his neckbeard. No one quite knows why McNabb's suddenly become such a turnover machine, but that's not the only reason the idea of replacing a much cheaper and home grown option in Kyle Orton with a wild card in McNabb is a bad idea. Kyle's QB rating this year (88.1) is higher than McNabb's career average (85.3). Unless the next five games have Kyle go through some Rex-like meltdown, our boy's gonna be the man in Chicago for at least the 15-25 years. At which point he'll consider retirement after breaking every conceivable record. After his retirement he may try Canadian Football, because, fuck, if Henry Burris can throw for 5,000 yards there, you just KNOW K.O. can throw for 12,000. With his Left arm. Can Donovan McNabb do that? I think not. You'd have to agree with the quote from Trent Dilfer on this one:

"The Bears have their quarterback," Dilfer said. "[Orton] has played better football this year than Donovan McNabb has played in Philadelphia. I think you have your quarterback there for quite a while, and I like Donovan McNabb."

Donovan- Stay in Philly. Or go play for the 49ers or Lions or someone that actually NEEDS a quarterback next year.

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