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Monday, March 10, 2008

UFC Time with Kratos, God of War


Count yourselves among the lucky pitiful MORTAL FOOLS, for with resurrection of this site, so have I RESURRECTED in order to give you the ONLY OPINION THAT MATTERS about the UFC.

UFC 81 seems long since passed but allow me to gloat that I PREDICTED the third round victory by Minotauro Nogeira. What I DID NOT predict was that fans would CHEER and not JEER Tim Sylvia. Perhaps you PITIFUL creatures finally realized you hate him for NO REASON?
  • In the only other match that mattered AT ALL Brock Lesnar beat the SHIT out of Frank Mir, and then FOOLISHLY let Frank grab a hold of his LEG which brought about an INSTANTANEOUS and VERY PAINFUL ankle-lock submission win for Mir. Take my advice, Brock: LEARN SOME DAMNED JUJITSU.

UFC 82 proved, ONCE AGAIN, that the Velociraptor-hurricane-Tony Jaa-Jesus Christ-Man known as ANDERSON SILVA will never be defeated by the likes of you pitiful beings. I have officially named him SECOND IN COMMAND over my army of BALROGS, GORGONS, AND general MALCONTENTS.

look for a post LATER as Kratos gives his picks for UFC 83 and breaks down the rest of the action from UFC 82.

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