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Friday, October 19, 2007

Lil Wayne rocks your world

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Yo lass week my shit was less than stella. Dont fret y'all, I be back wit a vengeance dis week. Lass week I gave ya comments on da college games an dis week you get comments tomorra on da NFL games. Look at ma pics, digest, enjoy, and call ya bookies, bitch.

(14)USC over Notre Dame (Shut da fuck up its a big game, ho)
(7)Kentucky over (15)Florida (Da SEC NEEDS a one loss team.)
(16)Mizzou over (24)TTech
(4)LSU over (17)Auburn
(25)Michigan over Illinois (Mike Hart is on a fuckin mission y'all. He aint stoppin til e'ry big ten team is bent ova n feelin da pain. Zook aint gon stop dat. He'll just accept penalties at da wrong time and take out his starting quarterback for some fucka what throw INTs. Punk bitch.)

Lil Wayne's NCAA record: 6-3
Lil Wayne's NFL record: 6-7

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