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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lil Wayne has retired

I regret to inform you that Lil Wayne has stepped down as prediction master. He said something about "y'all being bitches" and "fuck deez hoes" then left. I'd like to think he left because he was sucking. In any case we're searching for his replacement, so this week I'll just do 'em my self.

Winners in ALL CAPS

TAMPA BAY vs. Detroit
Falcons vs. SAINTS
Titans vs. TEXANS
Cardinals vs. REDSKINS
PATRIOTS vs. Dolphins
RAVENS vs. Bills
49ers vs. NY GIANTS
Jets vs. BENGALS
Vikings vs. COWBOYS
BEARS vs. Eagles
STEELERS vs. Broncos
COLTS vs. Jaguars

Also, if you're expecting me to rant about how bad the Hawkeyes are, you, sir, will be disappointed. What more can be said?

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