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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lil Wayne picks Day 1 of the LDSs

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Yo, dis iz Lil Wayne, comin atcha from Louisiana, here ta pick dis crazy shit ya'll white ass mutha fuckas call baseball. Man, da base aint da ball, bitch. Shit, e'en I know dat.

Colorado Rockies @ Philadelphia Phillies, 2:00 CENTRAL on TBS

Yo, these rocky mountain mutha fuckas shouldnt even be here, I done seen that slide! That punk bitch Barrett cleeted happy Holiday right on da hand an he aint neva touch the plate. I guess thats irrella right now, but personally I think da Rockies have too many white mutha fuckas on dey team. Phillies gone win dis one and da series cuzza Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins. Speakin of rollin, let me go get dat weed...

L.A. Angels @ Boston Red Sox, 5:30 central on TBS

Damn, them mutha fuckas at TBS really like dis baseball shit. I looked up summuda stats in dis one an apparently da pitchers are good. Some dude who last name is Lackey has a 3.01 ERA... whatever da fuck dat means, dey tell me its good. Man I ain't got 3.01 of SHIT, I be rollin in everything baby, I got 20 cars, 20 million dollars, 20 bricks uh weed, 20 inch rims... all dem twunnies remind me that this Beckett guy got 20 of dem wins. So since Beckett be doin things in 20s I give dis one to da BoSox.

Chicago Cubs @ Arizona Diamondbacks, 9:00 central on TBS

Shit, why dis game start at 9? Fuckin west coast always be fuckin shit up, dats why I represent da south, bitch. My pops, da Birdman, he a big fan uh da Chi n so am I, so you know who I'm pickin in dis one. Cubs win by 20, bitch.............................. shit they tellin me that teams aint usually score dat high in baseball. Fuck, man, I gotsa go watch me some hoops or some football or somethin. Fine, trick, I'll take da Cubs to win by four, Zambrano pitches a shutout while I'm pitchin dis weight, cuz dats how it go down on da REAL.

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